Will iPhone 13 Case Fit in iPhone 11 Case?

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Fitting of iPhone 13 in iPhone 11 Case? [It won't, but] No.

Do you enjoy collecting phone cases but are now concerned since you want to upgrade from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 13? It is nothing new considering how expensive cases are today, making it difficult to dispose of them swiftly.

If the size and dimensions of two phones are the same, you can sometimes fit the same case into two separate phones. The same phone case can be used with multiple iPhone models available on the market, such as the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 plus. But regrettably, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 don’t work that way.

You cannot use a single case for both an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 13, as iPhone has just begun introducing a variety of iPhone sizes and dimensions. Because of how drastically different these two iPhone models are in terms of size, camera placement, buttons, etc.

Therefore, if you plan to upgrade to an iPhone 13, be prepared to invest some additional funds in phone cases.

You will be given a thorough rundown of both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 in this article. We’ll talk about their dimensions, button placement, camera angle, and other aspects that prevent both phones from fitting in the same cover. c.

For your convenience, we have also put up a list of things to consider when purchasing a cover for your new iPhone 13. So let’s get started with this guide without wasting any more time.

What Sets the iPhone 11 Apart From the iPhone 13?

It’s time to provide you with reasons why you cannot use the same cover for an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 13, as we have already stated.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 are two generations apart, as is evident from their names. It means that the iPhone 13 was introduced much later than the iPhone 11 was. These versions are substantially diverse as a result of Apple’s numerous new features and designs that have been released throughout time. They differ substantially in terms of camera placement, camera count, general appearance, and performance. This means that you cannot use the cover from your iPhone 11 for your iPhone 13.

Let’s now discuss how these two models are different from one another. The cameras are the main distinction between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 13. But there is more to it than that.

There are only two back cameras on the iPhone 11, and they are not very large. On the rear of the phone, the cameras take up a respectable amount of space. On the other hand, an iPhone 13 has three cameras, and they are enormous.

The size of both phones is a key decisive factor in this case. Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 13 are 6.1 inches in size, as per the specifications provided by Apple on their official website. The iPhone 11 is slightly larger than the iPhone 13 when viewed with the naked eye, though.

For instance, the iPhone 11 is 5.94 inches by 2.98 inches by 0.33 inches in size. The iPhone 13 measures 5.78 inches by 2.82 inches by 0.30 inches, in contrast. Despite the small difference, this forces you to buy unique cases for each phones.

These models differ significantly from one another in terms of the size and shape of their edges. The iPhone 13 has flat edges on one side, while the iPhone 11 has wide, thick borders on the other.

Considering all of these factors, it is clear that you cannot use your iPhone 11’s case with an iPhone 13.

Purchasing an iPhone 13 phone case

You might consider purchasing a new cover for your iPhone 13 now that you are aware that the one you used for your iPhone 11 won’t fit the iPhone 13. But don’t worry; we have identified the issue and will make every effort to assist you.

You must pay close attention and take into account minute aspects while purchasing a phone case. When looking for a case for your iPhone 13, there are several options available. This may make it challenging for you to select just one cover for your iPhone 13.

With all of this in mind, we have created a buying guide for you in which we have covered every consideration you should make when purchasing a case for your iPhone 13.

The following are some factors you should watch out for when searching for an iPhone 13 case


This is one item that doesn’t need to be stated since we typically acquire phone cases for ourselves. This is at the top of our list since we wanted to make sure that we took care of even the most fundamental matters with you.

There is no getting around the fact that iPhones are rather expensive, so once you have one, you must take great care to keep it safe from harm. You require a strong and sturdy casing for precisely this reason.

You must purchase an iPhone 13 case created from premium raw materials if you are shopping for one in the market.

It is not worthwhile to spend money on a cheap case that can’t protect your smartphone.

Additionally, their cases cost a lot of money, just like iPhones. Therefore, purchasing a long-lasting item is essential to prevent having to purchase one frequently.

Customer feedback

It’s critical to consider what previous owners of the case have to say before purchasing one for your iPhone 13. By doing this, you may protect yourself from scams of all kinds and learn what to anticipate from the case you are purchasing.

The easiest approach to learn what experts have to say about a case is to visit the website where you are purchasing it and read all the reviews that other users have left there. However, if you’re pressed for time, you can also view the case’s ratings alone

To be on the safe side, it is suggested that you only purchase a case if the platform has given it a rating of at least 4 stars.


As previously said, compared to other phone cases available on the market, iPhone cases are very pricey. It’s probable because they are frequently constructed from premium materials. But in this place, nothing is free.

Spending a lot of money is also necessary if you want to obtain a strong case that buyers really adore

Here, it’s essential to avoid straying from the path. Setting a spending limit for yourself and searching the market and online retailers to get a dependable case within that range is the finest thing you can do in this regard.

Spending a significant amount of money on it would be pointless because it is only a case in the end. Don’t worry if you initially find it difficult to establish a balance between pricing, safety, and durability. You will eventually learn how to do so.

Design and Aesthetics

Although it is at the bottom of our list of priorities, some users are most concerned about this. We are not suggesting that it is improper to obtain a case that seems strong. To avoid damaging your equipment, you must prioritise correctly.

Fortunately, you won’t need to seek very hard to find cases for your iPhone 13 compared to other products and mobile phones on the market. As soon as you leave the house, the market will be filled with numerous design alternatives. So perhaps you can find a case with a design you enjoy without sacrificing its quality, price, or rating.

Last Words:

We’ve made an effort to clarify why using the same cover from your iPhone 11 won’t work with your new iPhone 13. By now, you should be somewhat aware of the causes and certain that you can get some great cases for your iPhone 13.

To get a durable cover for your iPhone 13, consult the purchase guide we have provided here. But that’s not all; you also need to employ caution when using your iPhone if you want to keep it secure. Gratitude for reading!

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