iPhone Stainless Steel Discoloration Problem! Causes & Solutions

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iPhone Stainless Steel Discoloration problem

Have you recently purchased an iPhone and are wondering why it has started to discolor? Do you think it’s odd that only a few months after purchasing your iPhone, the color of the stainless steel frame is fading?

If so, you are not by yourself. Numerous user-stated explanations for the discoloration issue with the iPhone that has lately been reported by thousands of iPhone users are pervasive online.

Your iPhone’s stainless steel may become discolored as a result of excessive heating. The yellowing typically appears towards the borders of the iPhone, closest to your hand.

The iPhone might become discolored as a result of excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Use of polishing cream, replacing the phone’s body, or seeking repair assistance from an authorized Apple retailer are a few solutions you might try to fix your iPhone discoloration.

In order to assist you resolve this issue, we have put together a guide detailing the causes of the iPhone stainless steel discoloration issue. The guide also includes several quick remedies.

The causes of the stainless steel discoloration problem with the iPhone

Fortunately, there haven’t been many reports of the iPhone discoloration issue, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this issue. However, we were keen to give correct information, so we got in touch with several individuals who were experiencing the discoloration.

Here are some of the explanations we were able to determine through the data we have acquired.

UV ray overexposure

Who hasn’t heard of the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays? They can hurt not only your skin but also the things in your immediate vicinity. iPhones are constructed of stainless steel, which can corrode if left out in the sun for an extended period of time.

The good news is that stainless steel objects can withstand UV radiation damage without too much trouble, but the colour coating on iPhones isn’t that durable. Because of this, if your iPhone is exposed to UV rays for a lengthy period of time, its covering may begin to peel off and eventually cause discoloration.

iPhone getting hot

When purchasing an iPhone, you are given instructions by store employees and in the user manual that comes with your device. You are urged not to overcharge your iPhone, which is one important rule to go by.

It’s because overcharging the device causes a variety of issues, among them discoloration. If you forget to remove your iPhone from charging, it gets quite hot and may lose its top layer, which may result in discoloration.

Using cleaning and disinfectant sprays

You are more likely to face the discoloration issue if you have a habit of keeping your devices neat and organized all the time, which is why you feel compelled to apply antiseptics and cleaning sprays whenever you notice fingerprints on your phone’s screen.

These antiseptics and cleaning sprays are frequently loaded with numerous chemicals that can quickly damage the top layer of your iOS device, discoloring your iPhone.

Peeling Off of Coating Over Time

The regular wear and tear on the stainless steel frame of your iPhone is another factor contributing to its deterioration. Although there haven’t been many cases recorded when customers have encountered the phone’s color problem while using it, this isn’t a widespread problem.

Stainless steel discoloration on iPhone can be fixed.

Our 4 straightforward methods will assist you in resolving the discoloration issue with your iPhone, which you paid your hard-earned money to purchase, if this is the first time you’ve encountered it.

Method #1.Use an iPhone case like.

As was previously mentioned, one of the main causes of your device’s discoloration is excessive sun exposure. You cannot shield your gadget from the sun’s UV radiation if your job requires you to spend the majority of the day outside in the sun.

However, there is one thing you can do in this situation to secure your iPhone:

However, using phone cases is one thing you can do to protect your iPhone in this situation. Fortunately, there are several cases available on the market, some of which can shield your iOS device completely.

By using these cases, you can shield your iPhone from harmful UV rays and damage or scratches. Therefore, start utilizing iPhone cases if you don’t want your gadget to become discolored any longer.

Even if you haven’t used a case previously, it’s not too late to start now in order to prevent discoloration of your smartphone.

The excessive use of disinfectants and cleaning sprays is another reason for discoloration that can be eliminated with iPhone cases. For ideal outcomes,

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Method #2 Don’t overcharge your phone

Even if you do it periodically, overcharging your iPhone is not a good idea. It will result in several hardware and software problems that will be challenging to fix later.

When your iPhone is fully charged, unplug the charger to prevent the device from overheating, which is the main source of discoloration.

Note: It’s advised not to charge your iPhone beyond the level of battery health. Therefore, only charge your iPhone up to or below its battery health percentage if you want to get the most out of it.

Method #3 Utilize Polishing Cream 

Using a polishing lotion is another solution for the iPhone stainless steel tarnishing problem. You must be familiar with the polishing creams available on the market for cleaning stains off of motorcycles, cars, and other stainless steel machinery.

Here’s how to use a polishing cream to get rid of the discoloration on the stainless steel body of your iPhone.

Grab a little tub of polishing cream first from the store. (Be sure to purchase the one you most trust.

Your iPhone’s surface should be cleaned with tissue paper, paying particular attention to the edges and the area around the speaker where discoloration typically occurs.

Apply the polishing cream with your fingertips after the area has been cleansed.

Although you may also apply the polishing cream with a Q-tip, using your fingers will allow you to do it more evenly throughout the phone’s surface.

Wait for about 3 to 4 hours after applying the cream evenly to the discolored area of your iPhone to witness the transformation.

Remove any remaining cream from your iPhone’s surface after a few hours to find it perfectly clean.

Method #4.Contact Apple Support

If none of the solutions suggested above have been

successful for you, you can report the issue by contacting Apple Support through their official website.

What you need to do is as follows:

Visit the Apple website’s contact us page.

From the list of devices, choose “iPhone.”

On the screen, there are two choices: “Contact Carrier” and “Bring in for Repair.”

Choose “Contact Carrier” to speak with a representative about your issue if you don’t want to go to an Apple store.

One thing to keep in mind is that the official warranty Apple offers for iOS devices does not cover the discoloration problem. However, there is nothing wrong with once giving the store a shot.

The issue with the iPhone’s stainless steel is resolved

All potential causes of the iPhone stainless steel discoloration problem have been covered in this article. Additionally, we discussed some remedies that have helped other individuals worldwide who are dealing with the same issue.

We hope that one of these solutions will also work for you; if it does, please let us know about it in the comments section. While you wait, put an end to your concerns about your iPhone’s fading and start enjoying using it.

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