How to Fix ‘No Supported App for this NFC Tag’ Error?

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No Supported App for this NFC tag

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, and S9 frequently display the obtrusive “No supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up. Users of the Pixel 3a and S10 have also brought up this problem after updating to Android 10. If this is a problem for you as well and you have to dismiss the pop-up every time you use your phone, read on to learn how to swiftly repair it. Go on reading.

Definition No Supported App for this NFC Tag

You must be using your phone with a wallet case and keeping your cards in it if you consistently see this pop-up. This problem can be caused by cards having an NFC tag; examples include gift, transit, flyers point, library, and unregistered debit and credit cards.

No Supported App for This NFC Tag’: How to Fix Pop-Up

The simplest approach to stop the obtrusive pop-up that constantly interrupting is to disable the NFC and payment capability, however since NFC might be a regularly utilized feature for some users, we have also listed additional solutions.

Solution 1: Sign up for Samsung Pay with your cards

This may also take place as a result of unregistered cards, as was previously mentioned. If all you have left are your credit and debit cards, you can register them with Samsung Pay to see if the issue is resolved.

Reminder: If you keep transit or other cards with NFC tags, this won’t work. Samsung Pay and other payment apps can only add debit and credit cards, which is why they frequently display the message “No supported app for this NFC tag.”

Use a wallet with RFID-blocking technology as a second option.

You can get an RFID wallet case that makes your cards electromagnetically opaque so the NFC scanner won’t detect them until you take the wallet out if you want to keep all of your cards and avoid seeing the pop-up again. (You don’t have to disable NFC, and doing so also stops RFID tampering.)

3.) Sandwich a sheet of paper between the phone and the playing cards.

You can sandwich a sheet between the phone and the cards if you don’t want to purchase a new wallet cover. Hopefully, using an aluminum sheet with a 1.2 mm thickness can resolve the pop-up problem. You can wrap your cards with aluminum foil if you can’t find a sheet with that thickness.

4.) Deactivate NFC on your device

This can be swiftly fixed by disabling NFC on your phone, but you will need to do so in order to process contactless payments with Samsung Pay or other similar apps. If that’s acceptable to you, you can proceed as follows:

Step 1: Find “Settings” in the App Drawer and open it.

Open “Connections” in step two.

Most Samsung devices include an NFC option under “Connections,” however other devices may have it under “Bluetooth & device connection.” If you still can’t locate it, open “Settings” and look under “NFC.”

Step 3: Disable the toggle for NFC.

Turn off the NFC toggle switch if you see one, and hopefully, the pop-up will stop.

Note: The notification panel also allows you to disable NFC and payment. Check this site if you’re experiencing trouble turning off NFC.

How do I stop NFC tag not supported?

To stop the “NFC tag not supported” message, ensure that your device’s NFC feature is enabled in settings. If the issue persists, try using a different NFC tag or make sure the tag you’re using is compatible with your device. If the problem continues, consider updating your device’s software to the latest version.

How do I turn off NFC tag?

To turn off NFC on your device, go to the Settings menu, locate the “Connections” or “Wireless & Networks” section, and disable the “NFC” or “Near Field Communication” option. This will deactivate NFC functionality and prevent the device from interacting with NFC tags.

What is an unsupported NFC tag?

An unsupported NFC tag refers to a Near Field Communication tag that your device cannot recognize or interact with due to compatibility issues. It may lack the necessary formatting or data structure that your device expects, leading to an “unsupported NFC tag” message when attempting to read or use the tag.

What can block NFC?

Metal surfaces and objects, as well as dense materials like water and certain types of plastics, can block or interfere with NFC signals. Additionally, electromagnetic interference from electronic devices or strong magnetic fields can also disrupt NFC communication. Keeping NFC-enabled devices away from these obstructions can help ensure reliable NFC functionality.

What causes my NFC to automatically switch on?

You can try restarting your phone or performing a factory reset if you have turned off NFC functionality but it still turns on automatically, although, in most situations, a hardware issue is to blame. If you are using a wireless charger, that could be the issue because the NFC might activate when your device is too close to a magnet.

What is blocking RFID?

RFID blocking works by obstructing the reader’s ability to detect the tag. To stop unwanted scans and to stop your smartphone from displaying the message “No supported app for this NFC tag,” you can purchase an RFID-blocking wallet.

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