How To Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Turn ON

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How To Fix PS4 Controller Won't Turn On

 Your PlayStation 4 controller won’t turn on? Your PS4 Controller may have decided to go on strike and simply not switch on for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been struggling with this, this piece is ideal for you. In the sections below, we’ll go over the causes of your PS4 Controller’s problems and how to fix Ps4 Controller won’t turn on so you can switch it on again and resume playing your favorite games.

Why The PS4 Controller won’t turn on

It’s equally vital to understand the causes before we look at remedies for why your PS4 Controller won’t switch on.

The Controller is not held accountable.

The PS4 Controller’s inability to switch on is caused, first and foremost, by its lack of power. Your PS4 Controller will ultimately switch off and won’t turn back on unless you charge it if you use it for prolonged periods of time without charging it. A PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s battery life is 4 to 8 hours.

Turn on your PS4 console (or leave it in sleep mode) and connect your PS4 Controller to the console using a USB cord to check if it is charged or not. The battery charge level is displayed on the screen when you press the PlayStation button on the Controller.

The light bar on your Controller will flicker orange while it is being charged if you are charging it when the console is in rest mode.

a firmware bug

It’s likely that a firmware bug is the reason of your PS4 Controller not turning on. Firmware errors are more often than you would realise, but most of the time they are small, and all you need to do to fix them is reset your Controller.

Cable or USB port damage

It’s likely that your PS4 Controller is not getting charged in the first place if you’ve already tried charging it and it still won’t turn on. Now, the source of this issue might be a faulty USB port where you are plugging the device.

It is also conceivable that your Controller’s charging port is the source of the issue. If you see any evidence of damage to the charging port, which is on the front end of the Controller’s body, that may be what’s keeping the Controller from taking over.

Resulting harm to the Controller

The controller can be damaged if it has recently fallen off an elevated surface or if it has seen regular hostility from your side when a game does not go your way. A broken controller is extremely susceptible to hardware problems, which results in it not powering up.

Surface of the board covered with dust and dirt

If you have a tendency to constantly keep your PS4 Controller in excellent shape, this is one thing you can rule out. The Controller may, however, gather dirt and debris if kept out in the open for an extended period of time. The Controller’s board surface may become clogged with tiny dust particles, which will keep it from turning on.

Outdated battery

The lithium-ion battery in PS4 controllers gives them a certain amount of life. The battery in the Controller may start to wear out sooner rather than later, depending on how and for how long you use it.

Despite the DUALSHOCK’s normal lifespan of five years (assuming you don’t damage the internal circuitry), the battery may deplete more quickly if you use.

How To Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Turn On

The following 8 fixes will assist you in fixing your Controller and enabling it to switch on:

Fix#1.Charge your PS4 controller

Isn’t that the obvious answer? Now, if your Controller is fully charged and still won’t switch on, this might sound like child’s play. However, those who only just acquired a PS4 system could find it intimidating if their PS4 Controller won’t switch on when the cause could be as straightforward as a depleted battery. The PS4 Controller may be charged in the following ways:

Utilizing a USB cord, connect your PS4 Controller to the powered-on PS4 console.

While the PS4 Controller is charging, press the PS button to view the charge level on the screen. The Controller typically needs two hours to reach full charge.

Go to Settings on the console and choose “Power Saving Settings” in order to charge the PS4 Controller while keeping your system in safe mode.

Pick “Set Features Available in Rest Mode” next. Select “Supply Power to USB Ports” to finish.

As it charges, the light bar on the body of the Controller will flicker an orange glow.

Unplug the Controller from the cord once it has been charged to see if it powers on.

Fix#2.Reset your controller

If the PS4 Controller won’t switch on due to a firmware issue, you may fix it by

Turn off the PS4 and look for the little hole on the left shoulder button on the Controller’s back.

To insert a paperclip into the hole, use it.

For 5 seconds, press the invisible button within the hole.

The Controller has just been reset hard. Use a USB cord to link it to the console.

Turn on both the PS4 system and the Controller at the same time. The light bar will show a blue light if it activates, indicating that the Controller and console have been linked.

Fix#3.Alternating the USB cable.

We’ve spoken about how a bad USB cord might stop the Controller from charging, which would prevent it from turning on. Try replacing the USB cord with another functional one. Verify that the replacement

Fix#4.Clean the USB port.

The USB port may suffer from months of dust and grime buildup in addition to physical harm. Before attempting any other fixes if your Controller won’t turn on because it’s not charging and you’ve previously tried switching cables, we advise cleaning the USB port.

Fix#5.Check the USB port for evidence of damage.

Even though damage to the USB port is uncommon, it can nevertheless occur for a variety of reasons, including a sudden power surge, harm to the console, or wear and tear from repeatedly inserting and unplugging the USB connection.

But how does the Controller not turning on relate to the USB port damage? Unless your controller is charged because of

However, none of the ports will function if the USB drive is damaged. Apart from contacting a specialist to have the hardware fixed or replaced, there isn’t much you can manually do in this situation.

Fix#6.Look for a Controller replacement.

Seek a replacement for the Controller from PlayStation’s official help website if you are certain that the issue with the Controller is what is keeping it from turning on.

If your PlayStation is still covered by warranty, this is the easiest cure for the issue.

Fix#7.Take the controller apart and clean it

Dust and debris on the Controller’s circuit board, as we’ve previously mentioned, may prevent the Controller from turning on. When that occurs, you

Put the Controller back together and see whether it turns on.

Additionally, we advise against using this approach while your controller is still under warranty because doing so could prohibit you from filing a claim if something goes wrong.

Fix#8.Change the Controller’s battery.

Is your Controller not turning on due to a worn-out battery? Naturally, you’ll be able to tell whether it is since batteries do not deplete in a single day. Your DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s charge time starting to decrease with time is a clear sign that the battery needs to be replaced. After a certain point, the battery just won’t accept charging or will take too long to charge and drain quickly.

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