How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized disc Error

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Fix PS4 Unrecognized disc Error

Perhaps you wanted to play that long-forgotten Battlefield 4 or perhaps you recently purchased a newly released game. However, as soon as you put in the disc and sit there fidgeting with your controller in pure enthusiasm, your PS4 system announces to you the disc is “Unrecognized.”

We know how aggravating that might be as members of the gaming community, especially if the problem keeps happening. What do you do then? In this article, we’ll talk about how to resolve the “Unrecognized Disc” issue on the PS4 as well as examine the root causes of the problem.

Reason and How You Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

There are several reasons why your PS4 could not detect the disc, and if you’re having trouble with more than one disc, it’s conceivable that the issue is with the console itself. Here are several potential causes of the “Unrecognized Disc” message that may appear on your screen and interfere with your gaming:

Damaged or soiled disc

If a disc has been placed in your cabinet for a while, it may have undergone some normal wear and tear. The PS4 won’t detect the disc if it has significant scratches or blemishes, or if its edges seem to be damaged, and will display the message “Unrecognized Disc.”

You do not need to be concerned about the insignificant little scratches that are unavoidable if the error is the consequence of a damaged disc, just the deep or large visible markings or scratches.

Additionally, filthy discs may cause an “Unrecognized Disc” message on your PS4. You can get the issue if the disc has been removed for an excessive amount of time and hasn’t been cleaned before being inserted into the disc drive.

It’s also crucial to be aware that your PS4 might not be able to identify the disc simply because it wasn’t designed to do so in the first place. By that, we mean to state that the PS4 won’t be able to identify a burnt disc or retail CD.

Computer Update

A software bug that your console is experiencing as a result of a recent software update might be the cause of the “Unrecognized Disc.” If you just updated your program and are still seeing the issue, it’s conceivable that a still-open bug in the most recent version is to blame.

A game update

The same holds true for game updates as it does for system updates. The game’s update may have included a bug that prevents the console from recognizing the disc, leading to the error “Unrecognized Disc.”

Ineffective system software

The problem might result from the console running out of system software, as opposed to being related to the most recent system upgrade. The PS4 could be unable to identify the disc if your OS has not been updated for an extended period.

You may see several other “random” issues like “Cannot Start the PS4” in addition to “Unrecognized Disc,” which is only one of the faults brought on by out-of-date system software. Put the DUALSHOCK 4′ in place. As a result, be careful to maintain your PS4 updated.

Small Console Error

Have you run the PS4 continuously for a long time? If so, it’s conceivable that the console had a momentary (and small) problem.

Unclean Disc Drive

Not because the disc is dirty, but rather because the drive is unclean, the disc drive might not be able to identify the disc. Even though it’s rare, it’s conceivable that you kept your disc drive open for too long, which caused it to gather dirt and filth.

Damaged or malfunctioning disc drive

Has your PS4 lately suffered a severe injury? Or has it deteriorated over time due to wear and tear? Whatever the cause, the disc may have some damage that prevents your disc drive from recognizing it.

It’s also conceivable that the disc drive has hardware faults, which are less frequent but have the potential to make the disc drive malfunction.

The PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error: How to Fix It

We’ve listed 8 fixes for the “Unrecognized Disc” error on your PS4 console below:

Fix #1 Clean the disc and disc drive

We’ve already spoken about how grit and muck on the disc or the disc drive can prevent the console from properly identifying the disc. If the disc you’re using is unclean, gently massage the surface with a micro towel (which will shield the disc from scratches or other harm during cleaning).

To confirm if the issue has been fixed, insert the disc again after cleaning the surface of the drive with the micro cloth.

Fix #2 Do a quick system reboot

As indicated, a small console problem may be the cause of the “Unrecognized Disc” message on your PS4 console. Restarting the PS4 system is the simplest remedy.

To restart the console, follow these steps:

Remove the console’s connector from the power supply.

Remove the console’s other cords and the AC adapter.

Disconnect the console for around two minutes.

Reconnect all the wires, then turn the console back on. Your issue should now be resolved; if not, try the suggestions listed below.

Fix #3: Position your console vertically.

Although we’re not quite certain how and why this works, many people who had been experiencing “Unrecognized Disc” issues were able to resolve them with the help of this method.

All you have to do is spin your console vertically while holding it in the air. Reposition the console so that it is vertical on the stand once more, then insert the disc once more.

Continue with the subsequent options if the issue doesn’t go away until you find one that works for you.

Fix #4: Rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD discs.

There’s a chance the disc you’re using has a file on it in a PS4-incompatible format. You can try ripping the Blu-ray/DVD disc file from the disc you’re using and converting it to normal or 1080P HD video files.

Ensure that these files are PS4 compatible and are in a format that will allow for things like streaming, such as MP4.

Fix #5 Update software in Safe Mode

Updates to out-of-date software can resolve the “Unrecognized disc” problem on your console if you’re using them.

To update the software on your PS4, follow these instructions:

OFFSET your console.

Hold the power button on the console’s back until you hear two beeps to enter safe mode. Your screen will light up once again after hearing two beeps, and the PS4 Safe Mode will now be active.

Press the “PlayStation” button on your PS4 controller to connect it to the console using the USB cord. You’ll be sent to a screen with 7 alternatives after being redirected.

Fix # 6Rebuild the database in Safe Mode.

Try rebuilding the database using PS4’s Safe Mode if updating doesn’t work.

The first three stages of Solution 5 should be followed.

Click on “Rebuild Database.” Click “OK.”

The degree of database rebuilding completion will be shown by a progress bar. The system will resume after completion. Verify to see whether the issue has been resolved.

If you’ve been experiencing issues after changing the firmware, this fix is preferable.

Fix #7 Start up the PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

When the PS4 is initialized, all of the data on the disc and the software updates are removed, returning it to its original state with the factory default settings. Be cautious to create a backup of your data before using this method.

Here’s how to start your PS4 (reinstall the operating system):

The first three stages of Solution 5 should be followed (Reinstall System Software).

Choose “OK.”

Your console will restart itself after the procedure is finished. Verify if the mistake is still present.

Fix #8 Request a Sony repair or replacement.

This is your last-ditch effort to correct the problem. The drive’s hardware may need to be repaired or replaced by a professional if none of the previously mentioned fixes have been successful.

We advise getting advice from Sony professionals, who may be reached by visiting your nearby Sony Store or Service Center.

If your PS4 is still covered by a warranty, You can ask the PlayStation’s customer service for a free repair or replacement.

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