How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift The Complete Guide

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How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift

PS4 controller drift can be a frustrating issue that affects your gaming experience. It occurs when your controller’s thumbsticks register movement even when you’re not touching them. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a tech expert to fix this problem. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to fix PS4 controller drift in simple terms.

Why The PS4 controller Drifts

The relationship between the current signaled and the position of the analog stick on a fully functional PS4 controller will be 1:1. When there is no voluntarily changing in the stick position, controller drift occurs when there is some obstruction that causes the current value to change.

Drifting is a problem that can happen for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether your Controller recently experienced the “great fall” or has been your friend for a long time. The following are some of the most typical causes of PS4 Controller drift:

Reasons PS4 Controller Drift

Decent aging wear and tear

The state of your Controller is one of the most frequent causes of drifting.

The PS4 Controller’s joystick, which has a lifecycle of 2 million inputs and can function perfectly up until then, is what makes the controller durable. However, depending on their games and habits, some players may reach the two million inputs sooner rather than later, so wear and tear is dependent on the individual and their gameplay.

Unstable Thumb Pads

Thumb pads that are too loose from repeated use or wear over time can also cause drifting. Gently shake your PS4 Controller to examine whether the thumb pads move in their position on their own and are shaky. If they do, your controller’s thumb pads may be loose. If they do, they are faulty and must be changed out for new ones.

How To Fix PS4 Controller Drift

You can try a variety of fixes to make your PS4 Controller stop drifting, depending on what the issue is. The seven fixes for PS4 Controller Drift are listed below.

Fix#1.Reset your PS4 controller

The simplest and first method of drift control is soft resetting. Follow these instructions to soft reset your PS4 controller:

Go to “Settings” after logging in with your second Controller.

Then select “Bluetooth Devices” under “Devices.”

Select the PS4 Controller from the list that is drifting and inactive.

Select “Forget Device” by pressing the controller’s “Options” button.

Now switch the console off.

Next, utilize a USB cable to link the problematic Controller to your gaming console.

Restart the PS4. Log into PS4 by using the “PlayStation” button. The PlayStation will now associate with the Controller that you attached via USB. The gentle restart is finished. See if the problem is still present.

You can try hard-resetting the PS4 Controller if the soft-reset doesn’t work. As follows:

Fix#2.Update the game software

It’s also possible that the drifting just affects one game, in which case the PS4 Controller may not be to blame but rather the game’s software. If not, update the game program that is having the specific problem, and it should hopefully fix the issue. First, see if the drifting happens in other games.

If the default settings have changed in some way, you can also adjust the dead zone settings on your PS4 Controller to stop drifting.

Fix#3.Wipe the thumbstick on your PlayStation 4 controller

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean your PS4 controller by following these steps:

Use a cotton swab and dip the tips in alcohol before pressing them against the corners of the thumbsticks.

Make sure the swabs cover every bend and corner of the thumbsticks as you keep twisting the analog stick in various ways.

To completely clean the surface, repeat the procedure 3–4 times.

Fix#4.the compressed air blow method.

By using this method, you may clean up the Controller’s interior without having to take it apart. You would need a compressed air can for this, which would entail firing concentrated bursts of compressed air into the Controller to clear out the dirt and debris that are causing the drift.

How then does this operate?

Using a can of compressed air and aiming at the bottom of the analog sticks, is one of the simplest techniques. Check to see that your Controller is off.

Spray bursts that barely last five to eight seconds, followed by another round of spraying after a short break. You should be able to clear the debris out in three to four spurts.

Fix#5.Take your PS4 controller apart and clean it

It is quite likely that your PS4 Controller needs to be thoroughly cleaned after being disassembled if cleaning it with compressed air or isopropyl alcohol hasn’t worked for you. Follow these procedures to get around this fix:

To remove the PS4 Controller’s outer plastic body, use a T9 Torx screwdriver. You can also use a T8 Torx screwdriver, but be careful not to use too much force or you might break the connection between the motherboard and the PS4 Controller.

Once the motherboard is visible, start by disconnecting the little connector that connects it to the rest of the Controller on the motherboard’s top right side.

Reassemble the Controller and verify that the drifting control problem has been resolved.

Fix#6.Change out worn-out or sloppy thumb pads

How to tell if the thumb pads on your Controller are loose has previously been covered. If so, follow these instructions to replace them:

Utilizing a T8 or T9 screwdriver, disassemble your PS4 controller.

Check the placement of the thumb pads to see whether they are oddly placed.

Remove any worn-out or oddly positioned thumb pads.

Replace the outdated thumb pads with the new ones, then secure them in place.

Check to see if the drifting has been fixed after reassembling the Controller.

Fix#7.Install a new module in place of the analog stick module.

If the issue with your analog stick is caused by your present PS4 Controller and you don’t want to purchase a replacement, we advise swapping it out for a new module. You can save some money by doing this. However, given that it necessitates disassembly, we advise against using this technique if you’ve never repaired a controller before and your Controller is still covered by a guarantee .

To unsolder the existing analog stick and install a new module in its stead, follow these instructions:

Be careful when removing the Controller’s plastic because it is an incredibly fragile component.

Remove the motherboard’s battery plate and battery by unplugging them.

Utilizing a desoldering tool, gently remove the old analog module that is the source of the drift from the Controller’s motherboard.

Use a soldering tool to join the new module you already have if you have one.

Check to see if the drifting has been fixed before putting the PS4 Controller back together.

You might need to purchase a replacement if none of these fixes stops the PS4 Controller from drifting.

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