Fix I Can’t Call a Specific Phone Number, but They Can Call Me?

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Fix I Cant Call a Specific Phone Number but They Can Call Me

Calling someone might sometimes have problems. Messages like as “out of network coverage area,” “person busy,” “number switched off,” etc. may frequently be heard when contacting someone. Numerous people have complained that while they can’t call a specific phone number, However, the user with that number can contact them.

You will have to wait for them to call you in this situation since you won’t be able to phone the person. Many people may have pain because of this problem, therefore if you have too, this post is for you. We will walk you through every troubleshooting step to resolve the problem you have while attempting to dial a number.

Network Problem reason #1.

Why am I not able to call a particular number

When you cannot contact the number but they can call you, network connectivity problems are typically at blame. Verify the network status of your phone. Move to a location with better reception if you are in a low network area. Go outside to your balcony if you are inside your flat because there, your network will be strong.

Turn your device into airplane mode if you are still experiencing network problems. Turn on airplane mode and leave it alone for a little while. Turning off airplane mode will restart your network after about 15 seconds. Check to see if you can phone the individual right away; if not, move on to the next option.

Your friend is outside of the network, which is reason #2.

This problem may arise if the friend you are trying to call is within the network. If your acquaintance lives out of town or in a distant place, you can run into this problem. You will have to wait till you can phone them again or for them to call if this is the problem.

Your friend has blocked you for reason #3.

There’s a good likelihood that your friend has put you on their blacklist or blacklisted you, making it impossible for you to call them. How can you tell if someone has blocked you? If you contact them again but the call hangs up after one ring, you will get a voicemail saying,

You’ll give them a few calls at various times to make sure you get the same message. Call them from a different number if you hear the same message; if they answer or you hear the message after a few rings, they have blocked your number. If they accidentally blocked you, you can ask them to unblock you so that you can call them again.

How can Fix when I Can’t Call a Specific Phone Number, but They Can Call Me?

Now that you are aware of the many causes for why someone can call you but not a certain phone number, we can discuss all of the potential solutions.

Fix #1: Reinstall the SIM Card

Reinstall the SIM Card

Reinstalling the SIM card on your cellphone is another option. It is worth trying because this step might be useful. To do so, adhere to the instructions below:

On your phone, tap Turn off/Power off after pressing the Power button. Verify that you’ve turned off your device.

  • Put the SIM ejector pin into the SIM card tray hole after grabbing it. To remove the SIM card tray, push the pin.
  • The SIM card tray should be removed.
  • Get a microfiber cloth now, and use it to clean the SIM.
  • Reinstall the SIM card tray into your phone after replacing the SIM card.
  • To turn on your phone, press and hold the Power button until you see the company’s logo.
  • Check to see whether you can dial the other person once your phone has turned on.

Fix #2: Make sure you have a working strategy

Your outgoing will be prohibited if your SIM is not charged or if you don’t have a valid plan. You won’t be able to make calls or send SMS if that is the case. You will nonetheless continue to get calls and texts. If you cannot reach your friend when they phone you, your battery is probably low, and you will need to recharge it.

Fix #3: Speak with customer service

Finally, if nothing works, you will need to get in touch with your SIM card provider’s customer assistance. You being unable to call them could be a technical issue. In that situation, your SIM card provider’s customer service team will assist you in resolving the problem.

Last Words

We are aware of how annoying it is to be able to call someone but not speak with them. If this occurs to you, you can read the aforementioned article. You should be able to resolve your problem using the techniques mentioned above.

Why am I not able to call a particular number?

The number you are trying to call might be out of service, unreachable, or there could be a technical issue on either end preventing the call from connecting or You have blacklisted this individual or number on your smartphone.

Why can’t I call a certain number on my iPhone?

There could be a few reasons for this issue. The recipient’s phone might be turned off, their number could be blocked, or there might be a temporary network problem affecting the call. Checking your network connection and ensuring the number is correct would be the first steps to troubleshoot.

How do I know if someone has blocked my number?

If someone has blocked your number, when you call or send a text message, it will not go through, and you might not see a delivery or read receipt. Additionally, you might hear a single ring before being diverted to voicemail. Keep in mind that these signs aren’t definitive proof, as other factors could also contribute to these behaviors.

What does it mean when the phone says number Cannot be called as Dialed?

This message typically means that the number you’ve dialed is either incorrect, incomplete, or not in service. Double-check the number for accuracy and try again. If the problem persists, the recipient’s phone might be turned off or there could be a temporary network issue.

Why can’t I call this one contact but they can call me?

There could be various reasons for this situation. It’s possible that there’s an issue with your phone’s settings, such as call blocking or a Do Not Disturb mode, preventing outgoing calls to that specific contact. Additionally, network or technical problems might also play a role.

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