How To Calibrate Your LG Stylo 6?

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how to calibrate your LG stylo 6

Do you have an LG Stylo 6 in your hands and want to calibrate it? Worried, nevertheless, about the process? Fear not; I have a detailed tutorial for calibrating your LG Stylo 6. In this article, let’s talk about it.

How To calibrate Your LG Stylo 6? Step By Step Guide

the steps below to calibrate your LG Stylo 6:
Your phone’s settings app should be opened.
Click “General”
Touch “Stylus.”
Click or tap “Stylus calibration.”
To finish the calibration procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Note: Depending on the OS version of your LG Stylo 6, the precise instructions may differ significantly.

what is Touch Screen calibration App and what is the Benefits of using a touch screen calibration app.

How To Calibrate Your LG Stylo 6 with a third-party app?

step 1: .Install this touchscreen calibration app on the Google Play Store by opening it.

Step 2: Open the application, then click “CALIBRATE” to get started.
Six touch tests, ranging from a light tap to a pinch, must be passed. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete each exam.

Step 3: After the test, a confirmation message stating that the calibration was successful will show up. Restart your smartphone to see if there have been any improvements, then test the screen with a tool like Touch Screen Test.

Why Do You Need to Calibrate Your LG Stylo 6?

There are numerous reasons why your LG Stylo 6 requires calibration, but the following are some of the most typical ones:

Touch screen accuracy: If you are having trouble with the touch screen’s precision or responsiveness, it may be essential to calibrate the screen.

Software Update: The touch screen might not function properly with a software update, although calibration might be able to fix any problems.

Physical Damage: If the device has been dropped or otherwise damaged, the accuracy of the touch screen may be impacted, and calibration may be able to help.

If you have a new screen: a calibration may be required to ensure correct touchscreen performance.

To prevent any such problems, it is crucial to calibrate your device according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Android has developed over time, and so has the hardware that powers it. Today’s Android hardware is much more powerful and advanced than it was in the past.

The user rarely needs to calibrate or set up modern Android touch panels. Instead than a specific configuration issue, a touchscreen malfunction is typically brought on by an irreparable hardware defect.

How can a LG Stylo 6’s screen be tested?

  • The information you need to test your LG Stylo 6 is provided here.
  • Test for display quality: Look for sharpness, contrast, and colour accuracy. Check for any streaks, dead pixels, or colouring issues.
  • Test the touch screen to see if it is operating properly. Running a touch screen test app from the Google Play Store or tapping, swiping and pinching on the screen are two ways to check this.
  • Test for Screen Protection: Verify whether the screen is covered in tempered glass or a screen protector. Verify the screen for any nicks or scratches.
  • Test the display resolution to see if it is correctly configured.
  • Check the screen’s flexibility using the flexibility test. To inspect for any bending or warping, gently push the screen’s corners and edges.
  • Note: It may be required to replace the screen or seek professional repair services if any problems are discovered during these testing.

In earlier versions of Android, you could calibrate and test your touchscreen utilising hidden menus and developer settings.

This was essential for previous Android handsets because touchscreen technology was still in its infancy.

Try dialling ##2664## on an older Android phone to see if you can get to this hidden touchscreen menu. Android smartphones running Android Lollipop 5.0 or later will not be able to use this functionality.

Instead, you can test the touchscreen using apps for modern Android phones that are accessible in the Google Play Store.

By seeing how the screen responds to your gaze, you can determine if the calibration is accurate.

What is the LG Stylo 6 factory reset procedure?

There is only one option left if all other methods fail: factory reset your LG Stylo 6. These steps should be followed to factory reset an LG Stylo 6:

Step 1: By tapping the settings app on your home screen, you may access the Settings menu.

Step 2: Go to the “General” section at the bottom and select “System.”

Step 3: select “Reset.”

Step 4: Select “Factory data reset.”

Step 5: After reading the caution, select “Reset phone.”

Step 6: To confirm the reset, enter your password or PIN.

Step 7: Wait for the phone to finish the reset process This could take some time.

Your phone will restart after the reset is finished, and the initial setup procedure will begin. To re-setup your phone, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

A factory reset will remove all of the data from your phone, including contacts, pictures, videos, and applications. Before you reset the phone, take sure to backup your data.

How can you calibrate the touch screen.

By doing the following steps for calibrating a touch screen:
Launch the Control Panel: Enter “Control Panel” in the search box on the Start menu. Choose “Control Panel” from the list of search results.
How to locate the calibration tool Look under “Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input” in the Control Panel. Choose the “Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input” menu item.
the calibration tool is launched: The Touch Screen Calibration Wizard will then be launched. To continue, click the “Next” button.
Observe the On-Screen Directions: You will be led through the calibration procedure by the wizard. To calibrate the touch screen, you will be required to touch it in several different places. Carefully adhere to the on-screen instructions.

After you’ve complied with the on-screen directions, the touchscreen calibration will be finished. By tapping and swiping the screen, you may check to see if it’s functioning properly.

Note: Since your operating system may cause subtle variations in the processes, it is advised to check the manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions.

Can I change the LG Stylo 6’s screen sensitivity?

Simply put, you may modify the screen sensitivity on your LG Stylo 6. As follows:
Open the “Settings” app on your phone.
Scroll down and select “Display”
Once click “Touch sensitivity”
Here, you can adjust the touch sensitivity to your preferred level.

Does calibration work well or poorly?

A equipment or system must be calibrated in order for it to operate precisely and consistently. Because calibration guarantees that a system or instrument operates correctly and gives accurate results, it is often regarded as beneficial.
For instance, a thermometer’s calibration guarantees that it detects temperature accurately.
However, calibration can also be detrimental if done incorrectly, producing false results or inaccuracies.
For instance, inaccurate diagnosis and treatment choices may result from improper calibration of a medical instrument. Calibration is therefore beneficial when carried out correctly and accurately and detrimental when it is not.


By using these straightforward techniques, you can quickly calibrate your LG Stylo 6. If you found this information useful, please forward it to a friend who owns an LG Stylo 6 and wants to calibrate it.

Please feel free to comment if you need guides for any other problems or if you would want me to write a troubleshooting article for any other subject. I will do my best to address it as soon as possible.

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