What is KLMS Agent App? and How to Remove It?

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KLMS Agent App

Your Samsung phone’s KLMS agent app acts as a security guard for your device. It is a component of the Android operating system that was made for Samsung phones, and it is frequently referred to as KNOX. It prevents unauthorized access to your phone and the important files on it. If you keep sensitive information or documents related to your job on your phone, this will keep them safe and private.

Additionally, assuming your phone at any point gets lost or taken, this specialist can assist with finding it and even track it utilizing something many refer to as IMEI, and you don’t need to pay anything extra for that help. In this way, it resembles having additional security and a method for finding your telephone in the event that it disappears.

What is a KLMS Agent on Your Samsung?

KLMS agent App on your Samsung

The KLMS agent, also known as com.samsung.klmsagent, is a component of Knox, a Samsung-exclusive security system. Knox is a security solution created specifically for businesses to protect their mobile, tablet, and wearable equipment. In order to isolate, encrypt, and safeguard data like passwords, credit card transactions, private files, etc., Samsung claims that Knox devices are constructed from a hardware chip.

How does it work?

Security: KLMS Agent is similar to a digital key and lock. It ensures that only authorized users have access to the private information on your phone.

Security for Private Documents: KLMS Agent protects any private or work-related documents on your phone from prying eyes. It resembles a safe vault for your information.

Hostile to Robbery Highlights: On the off chance that your telephone gets lost or taken, KLMS Specialist can assist with finding it. To locate and secure your device, it makes use of something called the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, which is unique to your phone. When it comes to protecting your device and data, this is a useful feature.

Privacy: By controlling which apps and services can access your data, it also protects your privacy. Along these lines, you have more command over your data.

Infection and Malware Security: It can also help shield your phone from malicious software and viruses, making it safer.

System Integrity: KLMS Specialist guarantees that the center arrangement of your telephone stays in one piece and secure, making preparations for any unapproved alterations that could think twice about gadget’s strength and security.

Management from afar: For business or IT directors, it permits far off administration and control of Samsung gadgets, making it helpful in a corporate or undertaking setting.

Overall safety of the device: In a nutshell, KLMS Agent is all about keeping your Samsung phone safe, protecting your data, and offering a way to locate your device in the event that it is lost. It’s like a superhero for your phone’s security.

Is KLMS Agent App Spyware?

While KLMS Agent is not spyware, individuals who do not want Samsung Knox may consider these applications bloatware because they use CPU and RAM in the background.

Does Knox, the KLMS Agent, use system resources?

Since the Knox app is a system program that must operate in the background in order to function correctly, it uses system resources. When they learn that this security tool uses system resources in the background, most users who don’t require it want to delete it entirely. Some consumers have also complained about Knox’s effects on battery life.

Features of Knox (KLMS) Android

  1. Network Security:It’s possible for Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and Bluetooth to be insecure; Knox offers network encryption to protect your device.
  2. Expert User Experience :Users may conceal notifications, increase the screen timeout, stop the device from going into sleep mode when it is plugged in, and more with Knox.
  3. Deploying Apps Automatically:Knox forbids users from removing programs and altering their names and icons.
  4. Block or permit listing:Knox allows users to install from just a small number of applications and to access only a small number of URLs from specific apps.
  5. App downloads from unidentified sources are prohibited by device feature restrictions.
  6. prevents the usage of screen capture applications by users.
  7. prohibits the usage of the microphone and camera by users.
  8. allows turning off connectivity features including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplane Mode.

How To Remove KLMS Agent.

however as was already established, the KLMS agent is a component of Samsung’s Knox security system. Knox features that depend on the KLMS agent may cease operating if you disable or delete it.

How Do I Remove Knox’s KLMS Agent? [Without Root Access]

Step 1: Go to “Settings” in the “Knox” app after opening it.

Go to the “Knox Settings” tab in step 2.

Choose “Uninstall Knox” in step three.

4. When prompted to back up your Knox data, choose “Backup Now,” and then click OK.

How to Remove Knox LMS Agent [With Root Access]

Titanium Backup is to be downloaded and installed first.

Launch the app in step two.

Step 3: Enter “Knox” into the search bar to see a list of all associated applications.

Step 4: Pick out the applications and delete them.


Agent KLMS

Notification Manager for Knox



Restart your phone when the removal is complete.

the OneClickRoot button.

Hold off till the procedure is over. (If it fails, the program will provide a link for Kingroot PC download.)

Remove KLMS Agent Using a PC to Root

Click on Settings > System > About phone.

To enable “Developer Options,” tap “Build number” seven times.

On the previous menu, select “Developer Options” by tapping.

“OEM unlocking” and “USB debugging” should be enabled.

On your PC, download and install KingoRoot.

Utilize a USB cord to link your Android handset to the computer.

Open the KingoRoot app, then select the root option.

You can unplug your device from the PC after it has been rooted.

Features of Android Data Storage Protection with Knox (KLMS)

Data like passwords, credit card transactions, private files, etc. are encrypted and secured by Knox.

How do you Root a Device?

If you are experiencing trouble uninstalling KLMS Agent (Knox) without root access, you can root your device to gain administrative privileges and quickly remove the application. Some current generation smartphones can’t be rooted without a computer, but you can do it using an Android app on most devices. If rooted in your smartphone without a computer does not succeed, you will need to connect your device to a Windows computer and utilize an application like Kingroot PC.

Without a PC, root

On your Android smartphone, download and install the KingoRoot application.

Is KLMS Agent An App?

Yes, KLMS Agent is a built-in system app on Samsung phones. It’s not something you need to download or install separately; it comes pre-installed on your Samsung device to enhance its security and protect your data. You can find it in your phone’s settings, but it typically runs quietly in the background, ensuring the safety of your device and sensitive information.

Does KLMS need an agent?

Yes, KLMS (KNOX Lockbox Management Service) needs an agent, which is typically referred to as KLMS Agent. The agent is a crucial component that helps manage security features, protect data, and ensure the proper functioning of security services on Samsung devices. Without the agent, KLMS wouldn’t be able to perform its intended functions to safeguard the device and user data.

What are the uses of Knox?

Knox, often referred to as Samsung Knox, is a security platform primarily used to enhance the security of Samsung devices. Its main uses include:
Device Security: Knox helps protect Samsung smartphones and tablets from various security threats, including malware, data breaches, and unauthorized access.
Data Protection: It provides tools for encrypting and securing sensitive data, making it suitable for both personal and business use.
Enterprise Integration: Knox offers features for businesses to manage and secure company devices, allowing for secure work-related activities on Samsung devices.

Do you need Knox on your phone?

Whether you need Knox on your phone depends on your specific needs and security concerns. If you prioritize enhanced security for your device and data, especially in a business or corporate setting, Knox can be beneficial. However, for everyday personal use, it’s not essential, and many users may not require its advanced security features.

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