Best Air Dusters And Compressed Air Cans For Computers

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Best Air Dusters And Compressed Air Cans For Computers

To keep things clean and in working condition, toys, video game consoles, and models may all benefit from a small amount of compressed air. A detailed shopping guide and some of our best recommendations for compressed air cans are provided below.

The first is Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Air (12 oz. – 12 Pack)

Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Air

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The Falcon Dust-Off compressed-gas duster makes it easy to maintain all of your equipment, books, electronics, models, and display items dust-free and clean if you’re seeking the best-compressed air choice available and you have a lot of stuff to clean. Reaching those difficult-to-reach areas, whether they are high on a bookshelf or buried inside your computer, is made easier with an extension straw. Long-term tasks may be completed with only one 12-ounce can, which also includes an extension straw.

2. Canned Ultra Duster Air (10 oz. – 6 Pack)

If you have a lot of cleaning to do and are on a limited budget, the Ultra Duster 6-pack is your best bet. You won’t be damaging the environment while maintaining the cleanliness and performance of your computer or display model since each 10 oz. the canister has a straw extension and does not contain CFCs.

3. Office Depot Dusting (10 oz. – 3 Pack)

The Office Depot Cleaning Duster 3-pack is one of the better selections for a mid-range compressed air multi-pack. They are also among the most reasonably priced choices on this list, which makes them a fantastic alternative if you must often clean your desk or gadgets.

4. Electrical cleaner using WD-40 (11 oz. – 6 Pack)

The WD-40 Electrical Cleaner uses more than compressed air to clean, unlike the other items on this list. In addition, it has a cleaning ingredient that dries rapidly, enabling you to clean devices safely without leaving behind any damaging residue that can later reduce performance.

This is the most efficient way to make sure that your equipment stays in top operational shape when the dust isn’t the only issue and there are actual messes to clean up.

Impact Select Air Duster, No. 5 (10 oz. – 8 Pack)

The Impact Select series, which comes in an easy 8-pack package with four 10-ounce compressed air cans, is a nice option. To always have rapid cleaning options accessible, keep a can of compressed air in each area of your house or apartment.

Considerations Before Purchasing Compressed Air Cans

1. Price

It is crucial to examine prices from many sellers before purchasing a compressed air can. Comparing features and costs should be done together so that you are aware.

Airflow 2.

The airflow of a compressed air can is the volume of air that must move through it in order for it to operate properly. The gadget will function more effectively with a greater airflow rate. The unit is used to measure airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM). It follows that a higher airflow will result in a larger volume of air being produced by the best-compressed air can.

3. Convenience

Make sure the compressed air can is portable to make cleaning easier. To promote convenience, getting from one place to another should be straightforward.

In what do the compressed air cans contain air?

Because aerosol dusters include a refrigerant or propellant that cannot be regarded as breathing air, they are not referred to as “canned air” or “compressed air duster.” When using a duster, sufficient ventilation is crucial, just as with any other aerosol product.

One of the following substances is the propellant used by aerosol dusters:

HFC-134a (CAS #811-97-2, 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane) –

This substance is frequently used in contemporary air conditioning systems. Its nonflammability makes it an attractive option for professional and industrial applications. One of the best options, when sparks or flames are a concern, is HFC-134a (e.g. spraying high voltage electrical items).

The disadvantage of HFC-134a is the damage it does to the environment. GWP 1400 denotes that its climate effect is 1400 times greater than that of CO2. Fortunately, it does not contribute to air pollution or smog production because it is not a VOC (volatile organic compound).

HFC-152a (1,1-difluoroethane, CAS #75-37-6)

 Because it is less expensive, customers are more likely to discover it at retail establishments. Because concentrated HFC-152a is flammable, a spark might start a fire (e.g. sparks or flame).

The two riskiest situations are spraying in a small area where fumes can build up or tilting the container and discharging liquid. The GWP of HFC-152a dusters is 130, which is roughly one-tenth that of HFC-134a. Contrarily, HFC-152a is not categorized as a volatile organic compound (VOC), making it a more environmentally friendly substitute for HFC-134a.

Because of the growing focus on global warming, new equipment for blowing off dust and dirt is now available. HFO-1234ze (trans- 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene, CAS #29118-24-9) HFO-1234ze has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than CO2 and is not flammable.

It differs greatly from HFC-134a and HFC-152a, however, it has the benefit of being VOC-free. So why don’t we use the HFO-1234ze duster collectively?

It is more expensive than alternative possibilities for a more recent technology that hasn’t been generally embraced by large-scale applications like air conditioning. As more individuals use it and regulations require its use, prices are anticipated to decrease. It is anticipated that this will happen more frequently.

Carbon dioxide (CO2, CAS #124-38-9) –

Although we are coming near to “canned air” with carbon dioxide, it is still not safe to breathe. Due to their high pressure, metal air cannon cartridges are the most typical container for CO2. These cartridges, which connect to the system and may be changed, are used with spray systems. CO2 has a number of benefits over liquid propellants, including being an inert gas with minimal potential for global warming and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but it also has significant disadvantages.

Among these include the requirement for routine cartridge replacement and a spray power that is insufficient compared to liquid propellants. Additionally, the CO2 spray force reduces as the cartridge runs out, making the first half of the cartridge more advantageous.

DME (Dimethyl ether, CAS #115-10-6) – DME-based dusters are less common than other types of dusters because of safety and environmental concerns. DME is highly flammable and aids in the development of smog.

4 PC Cleaning Electric Air Dusters

For a fraction of the price of compressed air cans, you can get an electric computer duster, which is designed to blast dust off your delicate electronics in an eco-friendly way. 

1. The check button on the MetroVac ED500-ESD Electric Duster.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pricey PC hardware is made simple by using an electric air duster like the MetroVac ED500-ESD. The ED500P electric duster’s 500 Watt motor, which produces around 0.75 horsepower, puts it on the level with other small electric leaf blowers in terms of air-blowing power. Theoretically, you could use it to blow leaves around if it were a bit bigger.

If you often use an electric duster, switching to cleaning the interior of your PC case instead of the desktop may be a wise improvement. Don’t disregard it entirely though—many customers claim that the ED500P has been used safely to clean out their PC cases for years without producing any negative effects.

The ED500-ESD features the same 500 Watt motor and 0.75 horsepower rating as the ED500. Devices like this one are currently dominating the electric air duster industry. Sadly, there is no volume difference between the ED500-ESD. Pets and young children under the age of five should not be around when using this electric duster. It also gets a bit heated due to the sturdy plastic grip, but this is not an issue.

The main way that this replica differs from the original is through the use of plastic. Static electricity is not a concern for the ED500-ESD because the plastic air nozzles are made of ESD-safe materials. This device has an integrated dust brush, a concentrator nozzle, an air flare, and an air pin pointer.

Although this kit comes with a grounding power supply connection and an ESD-safe wrist strap, unless you have a limitless supply of cleaning supplies, these features don’t make the ESD version’s higher price point worthwhile. Wrist straps are available on Amazon for as low as $5.

To sum up, you should think about upgrading to DataVac’s ESD-safe version if you often use your computer duster to clean PC casings. Otherwise, the extra expense just marginally improves the value of the product.

2. The check button for the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Air Pump Blower

Our top recommendation for the finest air compressor for cleaning PCs is the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro. Reviewers of the XPOWER blower adore it because of its high power rating of 500 watts.

This air compressor for computer cleaning has 9 nozzle adapters that enable a variety of uses.

As a result of its high airflow rate of 90 cubic feet per minute, it is appropriate for cleaning a range of equipment (CFM).

You may use this electric dust blower to maintain the cleanliness of your laptops, desktop computers, and other electronic gadgets, to mention a few. Moving it around is as simple as saying the ABCs since it is so lightweight.

Additionally, it has a built-in two-speed control that gives you the most flexibility possible when cleaning.

Achieving the best outcome is not a fantasy since the filter may be cleaned and replaced. It has a 10-foot power cord that is simple to stow and can be wrapped around the device for convenient access.

3. The check button for the SIN SHINE – Compressed Air 3.0 Electric Air Blower

The electric air blower SIN SHINE is ranked as the fourth-best air compressor for cleaning PCs. It boasts a strong 550-watt motor for consistently effective blowing.

Due to its high-pressure capability and blowing speed of 27 meters per second (MPS), it can eliminate dust.

You may easily place it in the cleaning area using its dynamic light irradiation to achieve the best results.

Additionally, there are no restrictions while blowing thanks to the 10-foot chord length of this air compressor for cleaning. It is simple to handle when executing operations because of its slim shape and lightweight.

It comes with a set of three nozzles, each with three brushes, to ensure peak performance. A machine that removes garbage and dust effectively may be bought for a fair price.

X3 Hurricane Cordless Electric Duster 4.

The X3 Hurricane, an electric duster that resembles a can of mace, is one of the smallest and most potent ones available. It easily fits in the pocket of a laptop case’s carry bag while being smaller than a real can of compressed air. When employing this apparatus, an air output of 260 MPH is feasible. This is really amazing because it is battery-powered.

The built-in battery of the X3 Hurricane has a maximum battery life of 15 minutes. Cleaning your PC has never been simpler because of its compact size and set of five removable nozzles in the style of straws. Despite having few attachment options, the X3 excels in this area.

You can simply go light on sensitive fans and CPUs with this gadget thanks to variable power control and an internal air filter that screens airborne particles. to conveniently regulate heat and noise, which cannot be avoided. The X3 Hurricane is extremely powerful and swift.

However, there is no denying this electric duster’s endurance. Even a lifetime warranty is promised by Canless Air, the X3’s producer. This is a major advantage simply because Li-ion batteries don’t last forever. The battery in the X3 may last more than 750 cycles and recharges in 4 to 6 hours.

If the price wasn’t so outrageous, this would be a no-brainer. Contrarily, the X3 Hurricane is substantially more expensive than our top selection and needs to only be taken into consideration if you place a high emphasis on the battery and mobility.

What factors should you think about before buying an air duster?

Height and Weight

Always be aware of how much the compressor weighs that you are most interested in. Overly heavy compressors might hurt your arm and make it hurt.

Dimensions safeguard the concealed coin. By doing this, you may determine if the unit is simple to store. The benefits of owning a little car are numerous. After doing that, keep an eye out for the length of the rope.

Why are air dusters more practical to purchase than compressed air cans?


Using a compressed air duster cleaner to clear dust to fast completely saves time and work. They are lightweight, making them simple to hold for extended periods of time.

Easily cleans hard surfaces

You can maintain your office space tidy and dust-free by using a compressed air duster. In addition to cleaning metal, they may be used to clean wood, stone, concrete, and any other material having a hard surface. Electronics may be easily cleaned thanks to specialized compressed air dusters, which are readily available.

Worth the Money

Because of their mobility and affordability, compressed air dusters are a frequent air tool in construction and maintenance.

Simple to Clean

Compressed air dusters have impressive airflow. This makes it feasible to clean places that would be impossible to reach with standard cleaning techniques.

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