What is com.lge.launcher3? And The Uses

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What is com.lge.launcher3

Some people use different phone launchers on their Android phones. These launchers help you change how your phone’s home screen looks and works. They let you customize it the way you like and even adjust other settings to suit your preferences.

With launchers, you can do things like changing the look of your home screen, opening apps, making calls, and more. You can find both free and paid launchers for your Android phone.

In this article, we’ll focus on a launcher called “com.lge.launcher3” and discuss what it can do. We’ll also recommend some other great launchers for your Android device.

What is com.lge.launcher3

“Com.lge or com.lge.launcher3 is a special launcher that comes with LG Android phones by default. It’s the main screen you see when you unlock your LG device. With it, you can make your home screen look the way you want and even open other apps on your LG phone.”

Uses of Com.lge.launcher3

Com.lge.launcher3, which is the default system launcher for LG devices, has several useful features and purposes:

  1. Customizing Home Screen: It allows you to personalize and change the appearance of your phone’s home screen. You can arrange icons, widgets, and shortcuts to your liking.
  2. Enhancing Themes and Wallpapers: This launcher helps you improve the visual style of your Android phone by providing themes and wallpapers that can make your home screen more attractive.
  3. Launching Apps: You can use com.lge.launcher3 to easily open and access your apps. It serves as a gateway to all the applications installed on your device.
  4. User Interface Makeover: It can completely transform how your phone looks and feels. While it may not have many advanced features, it’s effective for giving your phone’s user interface a fresh and different appearance.

In essence, com.lge.launcher3 is primarily designed to offer basic customization options and a visually appealing home screen experience on LG Android devices.

How To Uninstall com.lge.launcher3?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Tap apps
  3. Swipe to the All Heading section
  4. Search current launcher
  5. After finding it, tap on that launcher
  6. Go to the ‘Clear Defaults’ button
  7. Tap on that button

If you have root access to your Android device or are using Android Debug Bridge, you may remove default launchers (ADB). However, since it is one of the most crucial apps and you cannot use your smartphone without a Launcher, we do not advise deleting it. Once you’ve installed a third-party launcher, you may safely uninstall it, but it’s still best to leave it alone as long as it isn’t producing problems like “Unfortunately, Launcher has ceased working?”

Top 5 Android Launchers From Third Parties?

The Nova Launcher

If you have any experience with Android launchers, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Nova Launcher. Its many customization possibilities and minimal weight make it one of the most used launchers.

With Nova, you can create several docks, alter the background color and folders, and choose from hundreds of themes. For those searching for a launcher with countless customization possibilities, there is a premium edition available.


includes a night mode

enables custom icon sets

endless home screen scrolling customizing google widgets

several opportunities for customization

Due to its low weight, it is quite sensitive.

allows you to change the background’s translucency.

Microsoft Launcher

The rebranded version of Arrow Launcher is called Microsoft Launcher. It has a news window, configurable dock choices, a widget shelf, and other customizable features.

The launcher includes a connection with Skype, Outlook, and more and enables users to rapidly edit Office 365 documents, access online links from mobile to Edge on Windows PC, and more.


PC integration advantages

ascending scrolling

Integrated search engine

Customized gestures 


Intensive resource use

you need a Microsoft account.

Falls Launcher

Get Niagara Launcher now

The simple user interface (UI) of Niagara Launcher makes it ideal for large phones. It offers convenient alphabetical shortcuts for other programs in the app drawer and allows you to pin your favorite apps to the home screen.

The app is free and has no ads, but some of its most basic functions, like adding straightforward widgets to the home screen, are hidden behind a paywall.


minimal style

Suitable for usage with one hand

Even on older Android smartphones, it responds rather well.


 There are few choices for customization.

Basic functions are restricted by a paywall 4.

Launcher for BlackBerry

Blackberry Launcher has a tone of features, such as Swipe able widgets, and allows users to access their alerts by swiping down from an empty area of the screen. The BlackBerry Hub, an app that enables users to react to emails, and SMS messages, and make updates on social networking accounts, is one of BlackBerry Launcher’s greatest features.

Downloading BlackBerry Launcher from the Play Store is free. For the first 30 days, you can use it without advertisements; after that, display adverts will start to run. By subscribing to BlackBerry Hub+, the advertising can be removed.

Advantages Google-inspired design that enables users to conceal programs from the home screen and app drawer


after 30 days, the free version features advertisements

Smart Launcher 5 (Download)

In addition to offering a variety of additional features like adaptable icons, resizable widgets, shortcuts, and more, Smart Launcher 5 can categorize apps by kind. The launcher’s Pro edition adds additional features including extended gesture controls and pop-up widgets to further enhance the user experience.



Simple to set up

Support for “Okay Google” and the icon pack

The “Pro” version is frequently promoted in the free version.

How to restore the default launcher on your Android device

Numerous Android launchers are available, and some of them even offer a better user experience than the built-in launcher. You may pick and personalize whatever launcher you desire, but if you wish to return to your device’s default launcher, you can do so by following the instructions listed below:

First, step access the device’s settings.

Step 2, select Apps (if your device has an old Android OS, you may have to swipe over to the All section.)

Step 3: Locate and tap on the launcher you are currently using.

4th Step: Select “Set as default.”

Step 5: Select “Clear defaults” next.

Step 6: Tap the Home button to see a menu where you can select either the third-party launcher or your default launcher. After selecting your default launcher, select “Always.”

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