What are the Colored Buttons on a Samsung TV Remote?

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what are the colored buttons on a samsung tv remote

I’ll describe the true use of the colored buttons on a Samsung TV Remote and how to effectively use them to improve your viewing experience on a Samsung or other smart TV.

What functions do the colored buttons on a Samsung TV Remote control provide?

Those coloured buttons have distinct functions, usually in menus or software, like operating your Blu-ray player, to put it simply.

The meanings of the various colours are typically displayed next to them at the bottom of the window, for example, a picture of the yellow “search” button next to the colour yellow.
Depending on where you are in the menu structure, different coloured buttons on some Samsung remote controls have different effects.

If nothing is displayed on the screen to indicate what they do at that time, they will likely not take any action, and in most situations, the built-in software hasn’t made use of those buttons.

Your Smart TV may have applications that do so, or at the very least offer that choice, if the menu doesn’t make use of them. Your TV might not be able to use them because some manufacturers use a single remote control for a variety of models.

What Purposes Do the Colored Buttons on a Samsung TV Remote Serve?

On a Samsung TV remote, the various coloured buttons correspond to various shortcuts or functionalities. Depending on the Samsung TV model and the remote, the specific buttons and their purposes could change. Buttons that are often present on Samsung TV remote controls include:

  1. Turns on and off the TV using power.
  2. Volume Up/Down: Changes the volume up or down.
  3. Changes the channel with Channel Up/Down.
  4. Mute: Turns off the TV’s audio.
  5. Allows you to switch between various visual inputs, including cable TV, a DVD player, and others.
  6. Home Opens the TV’s smart platform’s primary menu or home screen.
  7. Back: Returns to the previous menu or screen.
  8. Smart Hub: Starts the TV’s smart platform, such as Tizen OS from Samsung. Menu: Opens the on-screen menu for configuring TV settings and preferences.
  9. Confirms a choice with enter or choose.
  10. (Up, Down, Left, Right) Arrows: Use the on-screen menu to navigate.

To understand the precise purposes of the buttons on your remote, it is important to consult the handbook for your particular Samsung TV and remote.

How do you operate the colored buttons on a Samsung TV remote?

On a Samsung TV remote, the coloured buttons often act as shortcuts to particular TV functionalities.
Consult the user manual for your TV or get in touch with Samsung support for additional details on how to utilise the coloured buttons on your remote specifically.

Red, green, yellow, and blue buttons on a remote control typically serve a variety of purposes depending on the item being operated and the user’s preferences.

Here are some typical applications for the buttons:

Red button: You often use this button to halt or cancel an action.

Green button: This button is frequently used to start or play a video.
Yellow button: This button is frequently used to access more features or more information, for example.
The blue button: This button is frequently used for more complex operations like accessing settings or options.

What is the purpose of Samsung TV remote’s 123 Color Button?

Say you click the ‘123’ button on your Samsung television remote control while you’re viewing a Netflix series.

You are given access to a keyboard where you can type the required number. You can control the playback of your chosen programme with this button. The “123”, “MENU”, and “RESET” buttons on the remote control can be used to navigate through a programme.

Pressing the “123” button can speed up entry to the main menu on your Samsung smart television.
This button can switch between the functions of your television, including channel surfing, volume adjustments, and input source selection. The TTX menu will appear if you press it for more longer a second; pressing it again will take you back to the previous menu.

The 123 colour button on a Samsung remote control can be used to reach the Smart Hub or Home screen in the interim.

You can use this button to access your Samsung smart TV’s apps, settings, and other capabilities. It could potentially have the names “Home” or “Smart Hub” on it.

How Can the Colored Buttons on the Samsung TV Remote Be Customized?

The majority of folks ask me if I can change the colours of the buttons on the Samsung TV Remote.

The colored buttons on the Samsung TV remote are pre-programmed for specific functions, thus it is regrettable that they cannot be altered.

As a final note

You can access more functions with your Samsung TV remote, giving you the ability to improve your movie-watching experience on your Samsung smart TVs.
Samsung TV remote controls are made to be simple to use and offer a pleasant viewing experience.
Samsung TV remote controls are made to provide consumers with a seamless and practical experience, making it simpler for them to operate their TV and watch their favorite content.
I sincerely hope that this post has given you additional knowledge about your Samsung TV remote and the use of the colored buttons on it. Gratitude for reading.

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