The Xbox One Turns on And Then Turns off (Fixed)

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The Xbox One Turns on And Then Turns off (Fixed)

The Xbox One may go off instantly in some circumstances or slowly in others. You can rapidly fix your console if it keeps shutting off by taking a few simple actions. Keep in mind that there may be a variety of causes for the issue with your console. A significant hardware problem, defective cables, and some users have also experienced this problem following software updates are possible causes. Make careful to attempt each of the solutions in this tutorial; one of them should work to resolve the problem.

“Xbox One Turns on Then Off” Fix

We have made an effort to include all of the remedies because, as was already noted, there may be several causes for this problem. Try every possible remedy first; if none of them work, get in touch with customer service and have a professional fix your console.

Note: Factory reset the Xbox One after trying every method in case the problem reappears.

If Your Xbox One Shuts Off After Some Time, Try This First

You can try one of two fixes if your console doesn’t shut off immediately.

1. Factory reset it.

This problem can be resolved by factory resetting your Xbox One; you won’t lose any games or applications in the process. To factory reset it, follow the procedures listed below.

2. Modify the power settings

In some instances, switching the power settings to “Instant-on” mode can resolve the problem. The console starts more quickly in “Instant-on” mode, and you may also speak to it to wake it up.

Reset the internal power supply as a second option.

The power cord for the console should be unplugged. After at least 10 seconds, plug it back in. To start the console, push the power button after that.

3: Press the power button repeatedly.

Hold the power button down for ten or more seconds while the Xbox One is off. By using this technique, the console is reset and placed in standby mode. Turn on the Xbox One once it’s finished, and it might start up normally.

4: Continue Using the Power Button

If you push the power button one more time after the Xbox One starts to make a whirring noise, it might start to boot normally.

Press the Eject button as a fifth option. Repeatedly

In certain circumstances, pressing the eject button repeatedly 5–10 times will work. Stop doing that and try another approach if it doesn’t work for you.

Use a different power outlet, option six

Lack of power is another potential cause of this booting problem. If you have multiple appliances plugged into a power strip, consider using a separate power outlet, unplugging some of the devices, and then try turning on the Xbox.

Remove the USB devices as option 7

Before turning on the Xbox One, disconnect all USB devices; if you are experiencing a boot problem following a software update, use this method. Connect the USB devices and begin playing as soon as the console boots normally.

Step 8: Disconnect the External HDD

Turn on the console and unplug the external HDD. Additionally, you might try taking off the external HDD and USB devices to see if it helps.

Solution 9: Use a blow dryer to warm up the console.

Warm air should be blown into the Xbox One’s vents using a hairdryer. Only perform it for three to five minutes, and make sure the air is not too hot. You can stop blowing air and resume it later if you decide it’s too hot. You can also blow warm air on the fan and heat sync on the power brick if you can open it. This is the solution when all else fails.

Causes of Your Xbox One’s Frequent Turnoffs

If you have exhausted all of the options listed above, your issue is probably one with the hardware that requires professional repair. Below are a few typical causes of this problem.

defective power brick

A bad power brick will always result in booting problems. See if replacing it resolves the problem.

flawed PSU

The Xbox One may switch off immediately if the power supply fails because it needs a higher power surge when it first starts on.

Water on the Motherboard

If the liquid was spilled on your Xbox One, it might have made its way to the motherboard and harmed it. Unless you are an expert, you cannot solve this on your own. We advise getting in touch with Microsoft support or going to the closest service center to have it resolved.

Thermostat Overheating

The console will not switch on and will immediately shut off if it is overheated. You only need to wait a little while and restart the console to fix this. (Make sure the vents aren’t blocked and the fans are clean.)

The Xbox One Suddenly shuts down.

The Xbox can be overheating; check to see if the vents are blocked and remove all external devices; occasionally, malfunctioning external devices might cause the Xbox to shut down suddenly.

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Xbox One turns off

Follow these actions to repair it:
● Launch your web browser.
● By entering the default gateway into the URL bar of your internet browser, you can log into the router.
● Username and password must be entered.
● From the menu, choose Gateway, then Connection, and finally Wi-Fi from the submenu.
● On the network you want to utilize, click Edit.
● WPA TKIP can be found by clicking the “Show More Security Options” button.
● Then click Apply and Save.

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