Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

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why does my wifi keep disconnecting on my samsung phone

Have you ever randomly found your Samsung phone disconnecting from the WiFi network multiple times throughout the day with no apparent reason? If yes, you’re definitely not alone. There can be several potential causes behind a WiFi connection constantly dropping on a Samsung phone.

In this long-form article, we will thoroughly cover the most common reasons your Samsung phone may be disconnecting from WiFi frequently and provide effective solutions to fix each issue. By the end, you will understand why it’s disconnecting and know how to keep your phone connected to WiFi without interruptions.

Why is My WiFi Disconnecting on Samsung Phone?

Some of the main reasons behind a Samsung phone disconnecting from WiFi intermittently include:

1. Weak WiFi Signal Strength

One of the most common reasons a phone will randomly drop its WiFi connection is due to a weak signal. If your router is too far from where you use your phone or there are thick walls/floors in between, it can cause interruptions.

Weak signals are more prone to interference which may temporarily disconnect the phone. Make sure your router is centrally located for optimum coverage throughout your house.

2. Outdated Router Firmware

An outdated router firmware could be causing bugs or incompatibilities that lead to stability issues. Most routers should be updated every few months for security patches and performance improvements.

Check if a new firmware is available for your router model and install it to address any potential WiFi disconnect problems.

3. Interference From Other Devices

Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, cordless phones – anything that emits radio frequencies can interfere with the WiFi signal. Adding more connected devices to your home network increases competition for bandwidth as well.

Try to keep interfering gadgets at least 6 feet away from the router and limit the number of simultaneous connections if disconnects happen frequently.

4. Poor Router Hardware

As routers age, their hardware degrades and may no longer be capable of handling multiple connections efficiently. An old router struggling with bandwidth demands could cause drops.

If your router is more than 5 years old, it may be time for an upgrade to get better range and reliability.

5. Problems With Nearby Networks

Having neighboring WiFi networks with the same broadcast channel as your own can lead to interference too. The more networks in your area, the higher the odds of conflict.

Perform a site survey using a WiFi analyzer app to check for congested channels. Change your router channel if possible to eliminate overlap issues.

6. DNS Server Connection Issues

Occasionally, problems reaching the DNS (Domain Name System) server can disrupt internet access. Try changing your router’s DNS settings to use public alternatives like Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS.

7. Router Placement Obstructions

Anything made from materials like concrete, metal or even just water can weaken or block a WiFi signal. Routers should not be placed inside cabinets, closets, or directly behind the TV either.

Experiment with router relocation to avoid obstructions between it and your phone’s location for the best reception.

8. Issues With Nearby Electronics

Apart from appliances, certain large metallic objects like file cabinets can negatively impact the signal too if positioned incorrectly relative to the router.

Try moving electronics that could cause interference further away or at an angle.

9. Incompatible Settings

Specific connection security protocols, DHCP settings, port forwarding configurations, and more may clash between your router and phone OS.

Troubleshoot by temporarily relaxing security levels or resetting router settings to factory defaults to test connectivity.

10. Outdated Samsung Phone Software

Like with routers, keeping your phone’s operating system and apps updated regularly is important. Older versions are more vulnerable to bugs and security flaws.

Ensure auto-updates are enabled on your Samsung device and manually check for OS updates if needed.

here is the most common reasons and fixes Why is My Wi-Fi Not Working on My Phone but Working for Others?

Now that we understand the potential causes, let’s look at some effective solutions to resolve WiFi disconnect issues on Samsung phones:

10 Ways to Fix WiFi Keep Disconnecting on Samsung Phone

1. Restart Your Phone

A quick restart forces your phone to completely unload running processes and refresh network settings. This simple step fixes minor glitches.

2. Check Router Settings

Access your router dashboard to verify WiFi security protocols, channel, DNS configuration and more. Look for any anomalies that require adjustment.

3. Reconnect to Network

Forgetting the problematic WiFi network and reconnecting often resolves small inconsistencies between devices.

4. Restart Your Router

Occasional router reboots clear temporary memory caches and refresh all connections from scratch.

5. Forget Old Networks

Delete saved passwords for networks you no longer use to avoid incorrect auto-connections.

6. Check Recently Installed Apps

Determine if a specific app installed around disconnect issues is the culprit and uninstall it.

7. Reset Network Settings

As a last resort, resetting your phone’s network settings wipes all stored network data for a clean start.

8. Check Routers Range

Run a site survey to verify router placement gives optimal signal strength where phone is used.

9. Stay Connected While Asleep

Disable WiFi sleep policy to maintain connectivity even when screen is off.

10. Upgrade Router Firmware

Install latest firmware for bug fixes, enhancements and compatibility with new devices.

By methodically testing each solution, you should eventually pin down the root cause behind your Samsung phone’s unstable WiFi connection. Let me know if any other issues persist!

how to update your Router Firmware?


In conclusion, weak signal strength, outdated router software, interference from nearby devices, aging hardware and inappropriate wireless settings tend to be the most frequent triggers for intermittent WiFi drops. But with some troubleshooting and following the solutions above, you can get your Samsung phone staying connected to WiFi without interruptions.

Why does my WiFi disconnect randomly on my Samsung phone?

There can be several potential reasons for random WiFi disconnections on a Samsung phone:
Weak WiFi signal strength due to long distance from router or obstacles
Outdated router firmware with bugs
Interference from other electronic devices
Poor router hardware performance
Issues with neighboring WiFi networks
DNS server connection problems
Router placement obstructing signal
Incompatible settings between router and phone
Outdated Samsung phone software

How can I improve my WiFi signal strength?

Try moving your router to a more central location with fewer obstacles. You can also use a WiFi range extender, switch to a mesh network system, or upgrade to a newer dual-band router with stronger antennas.

How do I update my router firmware?

Log into your router’s administrative dashboard using its default IP address (usually Go to the Administration or Firmware Upgrade section and check for available updates. Follow on-screen instructions to install. Refer to your router manual if needed.

Will restarting my router fix disconnection issues?

Restarting your router clears its temporary memory and forces it to re-establish connections from scratch. This helps resolve minor glitches. If issues persist after a restart, there may be a deeper configuration problem to troubleshoot.

What else can cause WiFi interference?

Anything emitting radio frequencies can potentially disrupt WiFi, including Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, electronic equipment, and large metallic objects located between the router and device.

How do I forget a WiFi network on my Samsung phone?

Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi. Tap the “i” icon next to the problematic network and select “Forget”. You can then retry connecting without issues from old settings.

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