How To Fix PS4 Controller Orange Yellow Light Issue

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fix PS4 Controller orange yellow light

As a result, when the PS4 controller is plugged in, the light indicator remains yellow or orange rather than blue or white. Many controllers have been affected by this very common issue, which may be resolved with a few simple steps. This article provides all known fixes, which should hopefully resolve the problem. It also explains why ps4 controller showing orange yellow lights .

Meanings of the PS4 Controller Light Bar

  • Blue = Player 1.
  • Pink is Player 2
  • Green is Player 3
  • Red is Player 4.

If you see yellow or another blue of light when playing some games, such as Witcher 3, Fallout 4, FIFA, or GTA V, it’s entirely natural. For instance, in GTA V, Michael De Santa’s light indication is blue, Franklin Clinton’s is green, and Trevor Philips’ is yellow. Additionally, when the character is wanted by the police, it flashes red and blue.

Reason For PS4 Controller Orange Yellow Light

Numerous factors, including a hardware defect in your PS4 controller, might contribute to the problem. If your controller is connected to another device, such as an iPad, it may also occur; in this instance, rebooting the controller should resolve the problem.

Most often, a defective conductive ribbon film strip is to blame for hardware problems. Some or all of the button inputs may not be registered by a damaged ribbon film strip. Since the controller may switch on and its indicator is glowing Orange/Yellow but not Blue or White when the PS button is pressed, if your situation is not due to a software problem, the faulty PS button may be the

How To Fix PS4 Controller Orange Yellow Light

PS4 Controller Orange/Yellow Light

Several options might need to be tried, and one of them might work to cure the issue. The simplest options are shown at the top, and we’ve also described how you may test your PS4 controller’s PS button by linking

Verify the USB charging cable.

The first thing you should do to ensure the controller is charging correctly is to check the USB cord. If the indicator light changes to blue or white, the older USB charging cable is defective. If this happens, try using a different USB charging cable to connect your Dualshock controller to your PlayStation.

The PS4 controller should not be connected to Bluetooth devices.

Since you are unable to use the controller, you must download the PS4 Remote Play software on your phone or tablet in order to operate your PS4 and unpair and re-pair the controller. Users of iOS and Android devices may both download the PS4 Remote Play app from this page. You may also use a Windows/macOS computer or a PS Vita, however, if you want to connect fast, we advise using an Android or iOS smartphone.

Sign in to your account after installing the remote play software. (Be sure the account you sign in with matches the one you use for your PS4)

The “Start” button should now be visible in the app. Please press it and wait until it connects to the console.

Go to settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices using the touch D-pad. Decide which Dualshock controller to use.

Options > Forget Device > Ok should be selected.

The controller’s share and PS buttons should now be pressed and held together until the blue light begins to flash. Now that you have paired it once more, you may use it.

Keep pressing the PS button.

A well-known workaround for the Orange Yellow light issue was to repeatedly press the PS button after putting in the USB cord. This worked for thousands of users.

Make sure your PS4 is completely off by turning it off.

Utilize the charging cord to connect the PS4 controller to the PS4.

Turn on the PS4 now, and after seeing “Press the PS button to utilize the controller” wait a moment.

Hold the console’s power button down while you listen for the second beep and then release it to turn it off.

Restart the PS4 and disconnect the PS4 controller’s cord from the micro USB port when you see the “Press the PS button to utilize the controller” prompt.

After reconnecting the connection to the PS4 controller, start pushing the PS button repeatedly. A blue light should begin to flash before becoming completely solid blue.

Reset the game console.

The PS4 controller’s software may be having some problems; to fix it, reset it by using the steps below:

Look for the reset button next to the L2 shoulder button on the back.

The button within the hole has to be pressed using a sim card tray ejector pin. Hold it for a few seconds, please.

After the PlayStation 4 has been reset, connect the USB charging cable’s opposite end to the Dualshock controller.

To activate it, press the DualShock controller’s PlayStation Button.

Console Reset

The majority of software issue instances may be resolved by resetting the console; to do this, just follow these simple instructions:

Turn off your PS4 completely.

After waiting five minutes, unplug the console’s power cable.

Reconnect the cable.

Wait for the second beep while holding down the power button for ten seconds.

Connect one end of the USB charging cord to the Dualshock controller and the other to the PlayStation 4.

Using the X button, choose “Initialize PS4”.

The installed games will also be deleted if you reset your PlayStation

Note Before you reset the system, be sure you back up your PS4 saves. Follow the same procedures but choose “Restart PS4” rather than “Initialize PS4” if you don’t want to lose your data.

Launch the PS4 in safe mode.

You can try starting the PS4 in safe mode and seeing if it works if resetting the console and controller does not solve the problem.

Offset your PS4.

Wait for the second beep while holding down the power button for ten seconds.

Connect a USB charging wire to the PS4 controller.

On your PS4, press the PlayStation button.

Use the X button to choose “Restart PS4” when the controller has successfully connected.

Note: If your PS4’s USB ports aren’t working, avoid opening it in safe mode. You must use the cable to connect the PS4 controller to the USB ports as stated in the instructions above. You cannot restart your PlayStation 4 without it connected.

If nothing else, what should you do?

When all other fixes have failed and the indicator is stuck on the Orange/Yellow light, the PS4’s hardware may be at fault. But before we describe how to check your controller for hardware issues, follow the instructions below to see whether the final, most straightforward fix is effective.

Offset your PS4.

Using a charging cord, join the PS4 controller to the PS4. When the controller flashes an Orange or Yellow light, unplug the USB cable from the micro USB port, plug it back in after two seconds, and let the controller’s light blink once. Finally, remove the cable from the micro USB port once more and plug it in once more. When the controller has finished blinking and has no longer displayed any light, press the PS button on the controller to make the console recognize it.

If this last resort didn’t work for you, the Dualshock 4 controller most likely contains faulty hardware. Read the following section to find out what to do next. It can be fixed, or you could need to replace the entire machine.

Test Dualshock 4 Input Signals: How to Do It

To determine why your PS4 controller is not being recognized by the PS4, you must test the input signals. We must determine whether or not the PS button is functional since, as was previously indicated, a defective conductive ribbon film strip may fail to register part or all of the button inputs. You must connect the DualShock 4 controller to a Windows PC in order to test the input signals.

Use Bluetooth or a USB cord to connect the PS4 controller to any Windows PC.

Search for Control Panel in the Start Menu and choose it.

Find “Devices and Printers” now, and click it.

You may access the properties menu by selecting the wireless controller’s right-click menu.

Now, try pushing each button one at a time to see whether the screen responds. When the PS button is pushed, button 13 often glows on the screen.

if most of the buttons function but the PS button doesn’t. If so, you will need to replace the conductive ribbon film strip of the PS4 controller, which only costs $2 to USD 5 but requires opening the device.

Meaning of console indicator lights

After a brief period, the blinking orange light turns solid orange, signifying that the machine has entered rest mode. In rest mode, the PS4 may download and install content, charge controllers, and perform other tasks. (To others, this light could look yellow or amber.)

After a few seconds, you should see the PlayStation® logo on the screen as the blue light denotes connectivity commencing.

The system is on and functioning properly when the White light is on.

Why is my PS4 controller light orange and not working?

If your PS4 controller light is orange and not working, it likely indicates a low battery. The orange light signifies that the battery is charging. Connect the controller to your PS4 or a compatible charger, and once it’s fully charged, the light should turn white or blue, indicating it’s ready for use.

How do I fix the yellow light on my PS4 controller?

The yellow light on your PS4 controller typically indicates a low battery. To fix it, connect the controller to your PS4 or a charging source using a USB cable, and allow it to charge until the light turns white or blue. If the issue persists, try using a different USB cable or charging port to ensure a proper connection.

What do the colors on the PS4 controller mean?

The colors on the PS4 controller indicate different statuses. A blue light means the controller is powered on and connected to the PS4. A white light indicates it’s fully charged or charging. An orange light signifies a low battery level while charging. If the light is yellow, it typically means the controller’s battery is very low and needs charging.

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