Top Xbox One Paddle Controllers for Enhanced Gaming Performance

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Best Xbox One Paddle Controllers

Both novices and specialists have been taken into consideration as we wrote this review. If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably wanting to upgrade or buy your first controller with paddles. Five excellent models featuring additional analog sticks, a D-Pad, a variety of customizability options, and wireless connectivity have been reviewed. You can enjoy and benefit from paddles while playing your favorite FPS and MMORPG games with these controllers because they are built for both comfort and performance.

Prestige Wireless Controller for SCUF

Over the Scuf Elite, the Scuf Prestige delivers a number of noteworthy improvements. Accidental pushes are not a problem because the programmable paddles are positioned vertically. It is lightweight (269 grams), has a cozy design, and has a long battery life. The Prestige offers additional methods to customize the controller and also features a replaceable faceplate.

Concept & Features

Three colors—Black & Red, Blue & Gray, and White & Red—as well as additional hues, are offered for the Scuf Prestige on their official website. The matte faceplate of the Black & Red variant is magnetically held, making it simple to swap it out for another faceplate from Scuf Gaming. It’s D-pad and buttons are fairly comparable to those on the Xbox One gamepad.

Concave analog sticks are standard, and the controller also includes a set of interchangeable dome sticks.

Rubberized grips on the rear of the controller have a pleasant touch to help keep your hands in place. It contains two switches for turning on and off the hair triggers and four textured paddles that are customizable. The triggers’ travel distance may be changed using screws located directly above the toggle switches; this feature is quite helpful for first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay.

It includes a Lithium-Ion internal battery that can be recharged with a USB cable. You may play when the controller is connected to the console with the braided connection, and a single charge lasts about 30 hours. The controller offers an Xbox chat adapter input, a 3.5mm headphone connector, and a micro USB port for charging.


long-lasting battery

Easy-to-use paddles

good customizing possibilities


Lack of onboard profiles

Bluetooth’s limited range

Micro USB rather than Type-C

Wolverine Ultimate by Razer

Six rear buttons and triggers on the Razer Wolverine Ultimate wired controller can be assigned to different functions. The controller also contains Razer Chroma illumination, interchangeable analog sticks, and a D-Pad. Although there is no wireless support, the Wolverine Ultimate virtually surpasses Microsoft’s Elite Series 2, which can be a deal-breaker for some.

Concept & Features

A/B/X/Y buttons, a directional pad, analog sticks, and menu and selection buttons are located on the controller’s front panel. Four different directional buttons can be used in place of the D-plus pad’s form, and you can select either convex or concave analog sticks.

Almost identical to the Xbox chat adapter, the gamepad’s bottom edge contains a fast control panel that lets you adjust headphone volume and has buttons for swapping controller profiles and assigning inputs to extra triggers.

The handles’ backs have a textured finish that feels excellent in your hands. The controller contains two reprogrammable bumpers, four extra triggers, and, like most controllers with paddles, switches for adjusting the triggers’ travel distance. You will adore this if you play eSports. It also comes with software that gives you extra customization options and lets you adjust the amount of haptic feedback, joystick sensitivity, and RGB effects.


● superior software

● Integrated profiles

● excellent construction

● possesses a speedy control panel

● programmable six buttons


● No support for wireless

Xbox Elite Series 2

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was replaced by the Xbox Elite Series 2. The majority of Microsoft’s functions have been improved, and USB-C, Bluetooth, and adjustable-tension thumbsticks have been included. One of the greatest paddle-equipped Xbox controllers, but like SCUF Prestige, the Elite Series 2 is equally pricey.

Concept & Features

The controller comes with a USB-C cable, a wireless recharge pack, extra sticks, a D-pad, and of course, four little paddles. It also comes with a carry case. The top of the controller no longer has any accents, which is the first thing you’ll notice. Though the matte material is an oil magnate, the entirely blacked-out design looks fantastic. Thankfully, the rubberized grips on both legs prevent fingerprints like the rest of the furniture.

A/B/X/Y buttons, a share button, a menu button, and a profile button are on the front. The supplied pad and sticks can be switched out with the D-pad and sticks, which are magnetically held. It has adjustable-tension thumbsticks, which is a fantastic innovation and something we have never seen before, as was previously discussed.

Four horizontal paddles that have a slightly haptic and clicks feel are located on the back. Two toggle switches for modifying the triggers’ travel distance are also located on the back. The Xbox Accessories software on the Series 2 offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to set up paddles and adjust stick sensitivity and vibration. The profile button allows you to move between many profiles with various configurations.


Bluetooth charging

a cozy rubberized grip

40-hour built-in battery life

a set of two D-pads and six thumbstick


Oil and fingerprints are attracted to matte surfaces.

Pro PowerA Fusion

The PowerA Fusion Pro is a great choice if you’re searching for a cheap controller that performs similarly to other third-party Xbox One controllers. It lacks wireless connectivity and a swappable D-pad, but it does have nice grips, mappable underneath buttons, swappable joysticks, and trigger sensitivity adjustments.

Features & Design

The faceplate is constructed of matte plastic, the front features all the necessary buttons and joysticks, and the handles have a beautiful texture on the underside. Like most Xbox controllers, the triggers are somewhat curved, and the switches on the back allow you to change the triggers’ travel distance.

Its paddles are secured with a locking mechanism, making it simple to remove them when not in use. It’s also rather simple to map the buttons; simply long-hold the program button until the program light begins to flicker, then hit the input you want to map, followed by the paddle you want to assign.



reasonably responsive

Comfortable in the hands


Wireless connectivity is absent

No accessories for customizing

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Microsoft

Microsoft’s official wireless controller is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Six thumbsticks, two D-pads, and four paddles are included. The Elite includes onboard memory for saving your two profiles, which can be accessed with the profile switch, and the controller allows you to remap buttons to detachable paddles using dedicated Xbox software.

Concept & Features

The Elite comes with extra paddles and sticks and a nice carrying case. Controls are present on the front, and the faceplate is composed of a premium-looking, matte plastic. Due to its comfy design and position as the predecessor of the Elite Series 2, which we have ranked third in this article,

The Elite includes silver accents at the top of the controller and somewhat larger paddles than the Elite Series 2, despite the fact that both models have a similar appearance. Two AA battery compartments and two levers with two trigger travel settings are located on the back of the device.

The Elite series 2 is the newer and better model; it features 3-stage trigger locks and 3 configuration profiles, whereas the Elite has only 2-stage trigger locks and 2 configuration profiles. The greatest difference is that the Elite series 2 does not have a built-in battery.


Internal memory

a cozy rubberized grip

a set of two D-pads and six thumbstick


no internal battery

What to think about when purchasing an Xbox-compatible controller

You likely came here to buy an Xbox One controller, but if you also want a controller for your gaming PC or another console, be sure it is compatible before you buy.

Comfort and agronomy

A controller that is ergonomically constructed will feel comfortable even if you hold it for hours. Some gamers play all day without stopping often. You can select whatever analog sticks and D-pads feel more comfortable for you because the versions we’ve listed in this evaluation contain additional analog sticks and D-pads.

Build Excellence

Not only should a controller be comfortable and ergonomically sound, but it should also be composed of durable materials. Think about a reputable company like Razer or Scuff Gaming.

Hand Size

If you plan to purchase a model with paddles, especially if your hands are particularly small or extremely large, be sure to also check the controller’s size. Some paddles are small, while others are big, and as a result, they may feel different.


Why are paddles useful?

Paddles minimize hand motion so you can swiftly control your virtual character. If you’ve ever used an MMO mouse or a gaming mouse with a number pad, you already know how paddles may enhance your gaming experience. While playing games like Fortnite, PUBG, Free fire, etc., you may map your inputs to your paddles and swiftly press them to perform several tasks. Some competitions forbid the use of paddles since they make gameplay easier, hence some players also consider

Are paddles useful for Fortnite?

In order to swiftly reload, aim, and shoot when playing Fortnite or other games, you can, as was previously indicated, assign difficult-to-reach buttons to your paddles.

Are Scuf and other paddle-equipped controllers dishonest?

No, it is not cheating to use a Scuf or other paddle-controlled controller. The majority of these versions resemble the official Xbox controllers in terms of form, and the only benefit paddles offer is less hand movement, allowing players to operate without taking their fingers off the analog sticks.

Do Scuf paddles function with conventional controllers?

Scuf paddles cannot be attached to standard controllers, although mod packs can be installed.

Is installing paddles challenging?

No, it’s simple to connect the paddles and easy to take them off when not in use. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you may quickly assign your inputs to your paddles. Some models can be mapped without the use of software, while others need it.

On a PS4, is the Xbox Elite Controller compatible?

Yes, attach the PS4 controller to port four and the Xbox Elite to port one of your hubs. Start playing with the Xbox Elite after turning on your PS4 and connecting the two devices.


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