What Causes Blurry Screens on iPhones and How to Fix Them?

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What Causes Blurry Screens on iPhones and How to Fix Them?

Have you noticed that the top left corner of your iPhone has started to blur oddly? If so, you can settle in and keep reading.

We comprehend that you would certainly not want your iPhone to have a problem because it would be expensive to have it mended by experts.

What if we told you that you could solve the problem on your own? Yes, reading this tutorial and using the solutions we’ve provided would be more than enough for you if the problem is that the top of your iPhone has an unusually hazy screen. To use those techniques, you don’t require any professional assistance. So let’s get to work investigating it.

Why is the top left portion of your iPhone’s display blurry?

When you start looking for a solution, you frequently miss the cause, and that’s when the problem starts. It may be a software problem if the top left corner of your iPhone screen appears to be blurry. Even while every user may experience a unique set of circumstances, all of them are tied to software problems and have nothing to do with hardware.

How to Fix an iPhone’s Blurry Screen

You can resolve this blurry screen issue with a variety of methods without any special skills. The same step-by-step solution is provided below.

1.Restart your gadget

Most of the time, the first and most important action is to quickly restart the device, which also restarts all running apps and other background programs. Many times, the issue is simply the result of a software crash or an app glitch, and by restarting your smartphone, the problem is quickly resolved.

The steps to do are as follows if you want to restart your smartphone without the face ID feature:

Hold the volume up and power buttons for a short while.

The option to slide the power off is now visible.

The phone will be off once you slide the option.

It will turn on once you hold down the power button for a short period of time.

The actions listed below should be followed in order to restart the device with face ID:

Hold the side button and the volume up for a little while.

The slide-to-power-off option is visible. From left to right, slide it.

Your gadget will be unplugged.

Wait a few seconds now.

Use the facial ID feature on your iPhone while holding down the side button until the phone turns on.

2- Stop working the night shift.

Your device’s night shift may occasionally cause your iPhone’s screen to become fuzzy. In essence, the night shift is an option that may occasionally cause your iPhone’s screen to blur since it keeps the color warmer at night. It is advised and suggested that you attempt turning off the night shift in order to resolve this problem. To do this, take the following actions:

Launch Settings.

Click Display, then select brightness.

Next, click and hold the Night shift button.

The slide is visible. Switch it off.

3- Turn on the night mode.

You can enable a dark mode on your iPhone, which will cause the device’s theme to go dark. No matter the app you use, the background will always be black. On occasion, turning on dark mode on your iPhone can fix a blurry screen problem, however, to do so, you must follow the instructions below:

Click on settings.

Select “Display and brightness”

Select the “dark” look option.

Switch it on.

4- Upgrade the software.

The likelihood that your phone has the iOS bug may rise if you’ve already tried turning on dark mode, turning off the night shift, and the other methods we’ve outlined above. However, as Apple consistently releases new updates that address the faults and problems found in earlier versions, updating the software can still be beneficial. The steps to updating your device’s software are as follows:

Go to the settings menu.

Click general, then select software updates.

All of the available software updates are visible. Click the most recent version or the one you want to install.

Await its installation.

And it’s finished.

5- Install the apps again

The likelihood that the problem is with that specific app and not your phone is high if you only notice a fuzzy top left corner of your iPhone when you launch a particular application. You must reinstall the program to accomplish that. To install the app again, adhere to the instructions. –

From the home screen, locate the problematic app.

See if the pop-up appears by tapping on it.

To delete the app from your smartphone, choose it.

Now look for the app in the app store.

Choose the one you wish to download right now.

Verify your Apple ID password or face ID.

Set it up.

6 – Contact with Apple Support

If none of the ways we’ve provided work after trying them all, it would be a prudent decision to get in touch with Apple customer service and ask for expert assistance. The likelihood of a hardware problem now is high and it cannot be rectified at home.

What are the reasons for your iPhone’s screen being blurry?

Although the primary cause of the problem has previously been discussed, there may be additional causes depending on the circumstances. Let’s examine all of its causes in these steps.

 1. software bug problem

A software problem is one of the main causes of the fuzzy top left screen on your iPhone. Although this bug was fairly obvious in iOS 15.5, users of earlier versions have also reported seeing it. Try taking a snapshot of your smartphone to determine whether this is the problem or not; if the blurred screen is visible in the screenshot, the problem is in the software, not the hardware, of your device.

2-The problem with the day/night settings

You might occasionally start having this problem if you customize a few of the day and night settings on your iPhone using the available choices.

3- A few apps have problems.

The problem is with the particular application and not your device if it only occurs while you are using that application and not generally. It can be a flaw or fault with the software specifically.

The problem with video streaming is that many users have discovered that the screen only seems blurry while a video is playing and that as soon as they exit the video, everything returns to normal. The main cause of this is that you’re either watching a poor-quality video or have a sluggish internet connection. Try switching from your Wi-Fi to a cellular network or changing the video in such circumstances.

Is a blurry screen on an iPhone typical?

You may experience the iPhone’s top left screen blurring issue for a variety of reasons, even if your phone is brand new. The aforementioned reasons are listed along with their answers. You may definitely give these a shot to cure the problem quickly.

What should you do if all of the above fixes fail to clear up the iPhone screen?

It might be good for you to visit the Apple shop if you have already tried all the ways we have mentioned above and nothing has worked out for you. If your device is still covered by warranty, you will not be charged anything for the visit.

What should I expect to pay if the screen on my iPhone is hazy?

If you frequently have this problem and find that nothing is functioning properly for you, there must be a hardware problem with your device. The cost to fix this problem will depend on your location, your region, the problem, and the service center fees. We advise you to check it out at your service center first.

In conclusion, iPhones are consistently among the best smartphones available, therefore experiencing problems with one of these high-end devices could destroy the entire experience.

As a result, this guide will be beneficial to you because we have not only discussed the causes but also the solutions that you can use to solve the problem quickly. But if the problem still exists, we advise that you go to an Apple shop or get in touch with customer service. Keep following us for more information of this nature.

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