Best substitutes for YesBackpage

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Best substitutes for YesBackpage

We are all aware of YesBackpage as the top classified ad website. Are you all, however, also aware that the website is only available to users in the United States and Canada? Therefore, you won’t be able to utilize them at all if you don’t reside in any of these locations. And for that reason, we have created this piece in which we will inform you about the top YesBackpage alternatives and all the necessary information. Let’s explore the similar-

How can I pick the top YesBackpage substitute?

If you’re curious about how we chose only seven solutions from the numerous alternatives accessible, keep reading to learn about the considerations we took into consideration. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to shortlist apps, read the points we’ve listed below.

Location is important if you’re looking for an app where you may publish an ad about selling your goods, services, property, or anything else relevant because you and the seller must be physically accessible. . Additionally, you will discover that the majority of applications are only available in a select number of locations. As a result, be sure that the program you are selecting among them is accessible from your specific area. Find the one that is if not.

Even if most ad-websites have categories available, you can still locate them there. However, you need to make sure that the website has a category or scope to identify the sellers relevant to, say, posting about selling your old tyers.
You must ensure that the program you’re using has an easy UI because using it makes no sense if the interface is too hard. The easier it is for every user, from a novice to an expert, to visit a website, the more transparent it must be. Additionally, it increases the usability element, which is important.

Whether anything is paid or free solely depends on your budget. Choose websites that don’t charge advertisers anything to post ads if you’re seeking for a spot that is free. Or you can choose the paid choices if you don’t mind paying for the same. We have choices for both of them.

Legitimacy is a factor that should never be overlooked while determining reliability. Make sure the website you have picked is trustworthy and reputable, especially if you will be paying for it. There is sometimes a verification option in these places, making them scam-free. You can choose such websites or you can try the ones that have been around for a while.

Best YesBackpage substitutes

Now let’s move directly down to the list.



When comparing YesBackpage alternatives, Craigslist, which has been around for 27 years, is in a class by itself. This website is equipped to list any type of community service as well as real estate, apartments, and housing that is for sale. This location is the nexus for everyone, including those attempting to post, get employment, or sell their unwanted goods. In terms of traffic, it is one of our most popular ad placement websites.

You can use this website in more than 70 other countries, not simply the United States. If we look at the user interface, you will discover that it is simple to use and accessible, and since it has a mobile version as well, you won’t need to access whenever you want to post an advertisement, visit the website. Prior to a few years ago, there was also the possibility to advertise adult category ads; however, due to regulations, this service was discontinued. The best thing, though? Because it is completely free, anyone can use it.



Another excellent option that can work well as a substitute for YesBackpage is Gumtree. It is a UK-based website where you may create an account in a few clicks and publish as many classifieds as you want. The service has been running for almost 20 years.

What’s best? All of it is cost-free. For the time being, it is usable in the US, Germany, Australia, and Italy. This is one of the best locations for sellers and buyers to connect, whether they are selling used cars or old, unused household items. Speaking of the drawback that we have seen, there is no space for personal advertisements; nonetheless, outside that, it deals with everything.

Facebook Market

Facebook Marketplace

At any time, there is no need to introduce Facebook. Facebook has come a long way from being a social networking site to also being a major commerce. With only a tap, you can now effortlessly sell or purchase anything on Facebook’s marketplace.

Facebook has its own section of marketplace alternatives where you may find different categories such as cars, toys, clothes, real estate, two-wheelers, mobile, computers, pets, and more, as long as you’re an active user of the social media platform. You are free to select any of your options and post an advertisement. You can easily utilise your current Facebook account to place an ad without needing a new account.
However, you will be questioned during the posting process, and the more open and honest you are, the more leads you will receive. It also has a separate app where you may switch to the marketplace option.



Given that it just existed in 2017, Bedpage is a relatively new name on the list of best alternatives to YesBackpage. Even yet, it is still significant because this market also has more than 3 million user databases each month. This app will be useful for you if you’re from the Middle East or reside in a nation like Canada, Europe, or the USA.

The nicest aspect about using this app is that there are no scams anywhere because they thoroughly check all the ads and sellers before publishing them, which makes a big difference. categories include employment, transportation, community, and real estate. You must pay $2 for each advertisement, which will be satisfied with music, services, and rentals. Additionally, you can spend a little extra money to have it highlighted at the top.

You will receive all additional services from their staff as well as 24-hour chat support now that they are asking for payment. Please take note that the website has no ads at all.

Ads in the classifieds

Nothing can compare to the Classified ads website’s incredibly simple UI and user experience if you’re seeking for the simplest yet most trustworthy YesBackpage competitor. It’s very simple to place an advertisement for any service, rental property, vehicle sale, job posting, used item sale, or real estate purchase or sale.

If you visit the website, you’ll notice that everything is clearly separated into sections and has a more newspaper-like appearance. The best part? You can post the advertisement and use it without cost. You can also list your preferences for recently introduced casual dating.


Locanto, which was established in 2006, is another reputable brand. More than 65 nations, including the most populous ones like the US, UK, Germany, India, and others, have access to the website. You don’t need to pay extra to put your ad in any of the provided categories, which include those for sale-related posts, job listings, classes, events, community, vehicle, real estate, and more. Installing the app or using the website through your browser is all that is required.

If we examine its user interface, we can see that it is well-structured and organized. The home page itself contains all the information you need, so tapping on any other page would be simpler. Additionally, because it is free, you must put up with the advertising. Users of Android and iOS devices can download the app from the respective app stores.


Although the term 5Miles may not seem typical, it is one of the well-known names when looking for alternatives to YesBackpage. It is available for all OSes as both a website and an application.

To give you a brief overview of the website, you may quickly publish an ad of your choosing to any of the areas, which include housing, sports, electronics, art and collectives, and communities.

Finishing up

The finest YesBackpage alternatives were discussed in detail. Here, we have both free and paid options that you can utilize according to your needs and availability. However, if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties using any of the choices provided, please let us know in the comments section below. We are glad to assist.

Is Yes Backpage prohibited?

The website YesBackpage is not unlawful, to be clear. The website was, however, taken down by the FBI in 2018 in connection with a case involving child prostitution and human trafficking.

Is Yes Backpage superior to Craigslist?

Since Craigslist has never been involved in a legal dispute of this nature and operates internationally, but YesBackpage is only available in the US and Canada, it is unquestionably a superior marketplace website to YesBackpage.

Is there a free Yes Backpage substitute that allows for the publishing of ads?

Yes, there are a lot of free alternatives to YesBackpage where you can quickly post ads for nearly anything. All of them are shown in the list above.

Is there a Yes Backpage substitute we can use for dating-related ads?

Even though the primary goal of the website YesBackpage was not to serve as a dating service, we nonetheless provided choices so that you could publish a dating-related ad while staying within the legal restrictions.

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