Why is your BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple?

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Why is your BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple

Are your BlendJet’s lights blinking red and purple? Unsure of what to do? My attention is on you. I’ll walk you through a few easy steps in this article to help you resolve the blendJet blinking red and purple issue.

Your BlendJet is fully charged when the light around the power button entirely changes to blue.

A red and purple light will flash on the circle when the battery needs recharging. When the battery is low, the circle pulses or mixes, but it is purple rather than blue.

Why is the BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple?

A BlendJet’s blinking red and purple light typically signals a charging or battery problem. This can indicate a low battery or a problem with the device’s charging.

To troubleshoot, try charging the BlendJet for longer lengths of time, and make sure the charging connection is firmly connected to both the machine and an electrical outlet that is functioning. If the problem continues, you might need to get in touch with the manufacturer for more assistance.

The procedures below can be used to resolve the BlendJet’s blinking red and purple problem.

Your jar isn’t aligned with your base if the red and blue flashing lights on your BlendJet are on. Screw your jar into the base in a clockwise direction to correct this.

Line up the arrow on the blender jar with the light on the base.

A tiny magnet is placed on the jar and base for security; in order for the blades to spin, it must be in the correct alignment.

How Do I Fix My BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple? 

Here are some typical problems and their solutions.

Power problems: Check that the BlendJet is completely charged or that it is plugged into an electrical outlet to charge. Try resetting it by holding down the power button for 10 seconds if it still won’t turn on.

Overheating: The BlendJet will immediately turn off if it becomes too hot. Before turning it back on, give it 10 minutes to cool off.

Blades: that are obstructed will not be able to move, which will cause the 

BlendJet to turn off: Examine the blades to see if any food or trash chunks are blocking them and clean them if necessary.

A replacement may be necessary if the blades are damaged. Get in touch with BlendJet’s support team for

What are some of the typical BlendJet issues?

The following list of BlendJet’s typical issues:

Battery problems: Users of the BlendJet frequently complain that the battery life is inadequate and doesn’t last as long as anticipated.

Leaking: According to some consumers, the BlendJet leaks from the bottom of the lid, which makes it challenging to use and clean.

Blender cups easily cracking: This is another frequent problem, especially when using hot liquids or if the cups are dropped.

BlendJet’s: Some users have complained that their BlendJet’s engine burns out or stops working after only a brief time of operation.

Cleaning the BlendJet might be challenging for certain users, especially when it comes to the blades and the blender cup’s bottom.

Some consumers claim that the BlendJet doesn’t mix drinks consistently, leaving bits of fruit or ice in the drink.

Issues with charging the BlendJet have been observed by some users, including delayed charging times and improper charger fit.

This troubleshooting, I hope, is helpful. Let’s get into some of the BlendJet-related questions that are frequently asked.

Why won’t my BlendJet blender turn?

Your BlendJet blender may not be spinning for a number of reasons:
Power problems: The blender won’t spin if the plug is unplugged or the outlet is broken.
Blockage of the blades: If ice or food particles are obstructing the blades, the blender won’t turn.
Broken belt or coupler: The blender may not spin if the belt or coupler connecting the motor to the blades is worn out or broken.
Motor malfunction: If the motor isn’t operating properly, the blender won’t turn.
Damaged blades may not spin properly if they are present.
Overloading: Filling the blender with too much food or liquid may stop it from whirling.
Broken switch: The blender won’t operate if the switch that turns it on and off is broken.
To identify the problem, it is crucial to consult the user handbook for the specific blender you are using and look for any troubleshooting advice.

How should my BlendJet blender be cleaned?

The general procedures for cleaning a BlendJet blender are as follows:
Remove the mixing container and unplug the blender.
Rinse the blender’s container with warm water to get rid of any leftover particles.
Add a few drops of dish soap to the heated water in the blender jar.
To make a soapy solution, cover the blending jar with the lid and blend for 30 to 1 minutes.
Remove the soapy solution from the mixing jar, then completely rinse with warm water.
Before putting the blender back together, clean the outside with a gentle cloth or sponge and let it air dry.
Note: To prevent scratching the blender’s surface, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or sponges on it. The blender base should not be submerged in water either because it is not waterproof.

The BlendJet blender lasts for how many days?

According to user feedback and data from the BlendJet website, the BlendJet Blender’s battery life lasts for roughly 15 to 20 blends, or about a week of regular blending. Depending on the frequency and intensity of use, the battery life may change.

Can my BlendJet be operated while charging?

It is not advised to operate a blender while it is charging, not just BlendJet specifically. This can also pose a risk and harm the blender or the charging cord. It is advisable to wait until the blender is completely charged and unplugged before using it.

What differs between the BlendJet One and BlendJet 2 models?

Here is some general information on how BlendJet One and BlendJet 2 differ from one another:
The original BlendJet portable blender is known as BlendJet One. It is the perfect option for those who are constantly on the move because it is made to be portable, light, and easy to carry.
The BlendJet One has been replaced by the BlendJet 2, on the other hand. It has a number of upgrades over the original, such as a more powerful and resilient motor, a longer battery life, and simplified mixing of materials that are thicker and harder to blend. Additionally, a broader variety of colours are offered, making it simpler for customers to select a blender that complements their aesthetic.
The primary distinction between BlendJet One and BlendJet 2 is that the latter is an enhanced original with more sophisticated features and greater performance.

Which is superior? BlendJets One and Two?

Here is a comparison between the two based on their features and user opinions:
smaller, more manageable, and simpler to store.
It has a 200W motor that is more powerful.
A 600ml bottle and a travel lid are included.
Longer lasting rechargeable battery (up to 6 blends)
BlendJet 2 is bigger, a little bit heavier, and bulkier.
It has a motor that is 150W less powerful.
Two blending bottles (650ml and 250ml) are included.
It has an easily cleanable detachable blade base.
It has an easily cleanable detachable blade base.
It has an easily cleanable detachable blade base.
Its rechargeable battery has a limited lifespan of up to 4 blends.
If you’re looking for a more portable blender that is both powerful and compact, the BlendJet One might be a better option based on the specs and reviews.
However, if you require a larger blending bottle and a detachable blade base for simple cleaning, the BlendJet 2 would be the best choice.

To sum up,

The BlendJet portable blender has gotten a variety of evaluations overall. Some users laud the product for its mobility, usability, and effectiveness in blending smoothies. Others, on the other hand, have complained that it is fragile and has a short battery life.

In conclusion, the performance of the product may differ depending on personal experiences and expectations. To make an informed choice, it would be best to read several reviews and compare them to similar items.

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