Nintendo Switch Controllers keep disconnecting While Attached: Fixing Guide.

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Switch Controllers keep disconnecting While Attached

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are a crucial component of the gaming experience on the Switch, enabling users to take their favorite games with them wherever they go or play them in the comfort of their living rooms. However, some users have complained that while using their Joy-Con controllers, they frequently disconnect, which can be annoying and interfere with gameplay. This article will describe the causes of your Joy-Con Switch controller disconnecting as well as how to resolve the problem.

Why Does My Nintendo Switch Controllers keeps Disconnecting?

The Joy-Con controllers connected to the Switch console could become disconnected for a number of different causes. Here are a few examples:

1. To Be Outside Of Range

The controllers being outside of the console’s range could be one of the causes. If you use the Joy-Con controllers beyond their wireless range of 8 to 10 feet, they could lose connectivity. It is advised that you get close to your console so that your controller can start working.

2. Interference from wireless devices

Interference from other wireless devices is another potential reason for disconnections. Other devices that use the same frequency as the Joy-Con controllers (such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones) can disrupt the connection since the Joy-Con controllers use Bluetooth technology to interact with the Switch console.

3. Hardware Problems

The controllers can be broken or unreliable. Your Joy-Con controllers may be damaged and the cause of disconnections if you have dropped them or exposed them to fluids. The controllers disconnecting could potentially be the result of a manufacturing flaw or other issue.

You might need to get in touch with Nintendo customer care if you think a hardware problem is to blame for the disconnections of your Joy-Con controllers. They can give a console or controller repair or replacement, as well as assistance with problem-solving.

4. Age-old software

Updates may be required for the console or the controllers. Updates from Nintendo for the Switch gaming system and Joy-Con controllers are frequently released, and they can solve bugs and enhance performance. On the home screen, select System Settings, then System Update to check for updates.

5. Unexpected bottleneck

The Joy-Con controller may occasionally have a bottleneck with a particular game or action on the console, which may lead to a disconnect. To reconnect in this situation, make sure your controller is running the most recent version and restart the console.

How can I reconnect my disconnected Nintendo Switch controller?

Here are a few solutions for your Nintendo Switch controllers’ connection issues.

1. Reset the switch controller factory settings

By hitting the home button, choosing Power Options, and then Turn Off the controller, you can turn it off.

Push and hold the tiny sync button located next to the USB-C port on the controller’s top.

Press the little reset button on the controller’s bottom, between the triggers, while still holding the sync button.

Keep both buttons down for roughly 5 seconds, or until the LEDs on the controller begin to flash. The controller is in reset mode, as shown by the message.

Press and hold the reset and sync buttons. Now that it has been reset, the controller is prepared for pairing.

2. Reconnect the Controllers

The Joy-Con controllers must be fixed along with the console if they continue to disconnect even when you are using them nearby. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Go to System Settings from the Switch home screen.

Adjust Grip/Order by selecting Controllers.

Until the Joy-Con controller’s LED lights start blinking, press and hold the sync button (the tiny button situated between the SR and SL buttons).

Press and hold the sync button on the Switch console until the LED lights start blinking. The sync button is the tiny button adjacent to the game card slot. The console should now be linked with the Joy-Con controllers.

3. Update The Controller’s Software

Observe these procedures to calibrate a Joy-Con controller:

Go to System Settings from the Switch home screen.

Calibrate Control Sticks can be found under Controllers.

To calibrate the control sticks on the Joy-Con controller, according to the on-screen directions.

A Joy-Con controller’s control sticks must be moved in all directions during calibration to make sure they are working properly. It can assist in resolving problems with drift or incorrect control sticks


It can be annoying and interfere with your gaming if your Joy-Con controllers stop communicating with your Nintendo Switch system. Fortunately, using any of the approaches I’ve discussed above, this problem is simple to resolve.

Keep your Joy-Con controllers close to the console and avoid wireless interference from other gadgets as much as possible. If you continue to experience disconnections, the previous procedures should help you fix the issue.

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