An issue with Samsung Back glass coming off

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An issue with Samsung's Rear glass coming off

Imagine purchasing a pricey (or even brand-new) Samsung phone only to discover that the sleek, much-desired back soon starts to come off.

Many of the more recent Samsung phone models, including the S9, 10, Note 10, Note 10+, S21 Ultra, etc., include back glass backs that improve the phone’s overall aesthetic. We found that the latest Samsung phone models were mainly experiencing “back glass coming off” problems. In this article we discuss why this issue comes on Samsung Phone.

Why The Samsung Back glass Coming Off.

The following are a few potential causes for your Samsung Back glass to be coming off:

1. Using Inexpressive adhesive

The likelihood that the glue holding the back glass to the phone is loosening up is quite high if you have a Samsung phone that isn’t quite new and the Back glass is falling off.

In a perfect world, adhesives used to attach the phone’s back glass would be created with temperature regulation and other considerations in mind. However, several consumers claim that Samsung has been sticking their back glasses to the phone with cheap adhesives, especially in the more recent versions.

The main problem with using inexpensive adhesives that start to deteriorate is that dust and other minute particles begin to collect in the space left behind. This may result in issues with other parts of the phone in addition to damaging or blurring the camera.

You might try calling customer care to try to get the issue rectified or the phone replaced, however, I’m not sure how much help that would be if you have an expensive Samsung phone that is still under warranty.

2. Battery Flotation

Again, battery swelling should be improbable if you just purchased the phone. However, a small number of Samsung consumers said that the main reason for the Samsung back glass falling off was battery swelling.

This problem should not arise if you use a genuine Samsung charger, whether it is wired or wireless, especially for more recent smartphones. If you have an older Samsung phone, the back glass starting to break off may have been a result of the battery bulging. Since the battery presses on the back glass, this might cause the adhesive to become loose over time (or rapidly if it’s a bad adhesive), leading to the glass coming off.

To see if the battery is bloated, try peering inside via the gap. If so, you will either need to have it replaced or if the phone is still covered by warranty, you might be able to have it replaced if the battery cannot be changed.

3. Leaving the phone in high Temperature Area

Did you frequently leave your phone in hotter areas, such as the sun’s heat outside, or did you keep it in the car for a long time?

If so, it’s conceivable that over time, the glue used to hold the back glass in place weakened and the glass is now flaking off. This is most likely the reason if you first noticed the problem when it was sunny outside.

This is due to the heat-activated glue that was used to attach the phone’s back. The glue begins to come off when heat is given to it.

Although the normal “high” temperatures are unlikely to cause the adhesive to begin to loosen, exposing the phone to greater temperatures for extended periods of time can.

Personal Experience: My Samsung 21 Ultra’s Back glass is coming off

I bought a Samsung 21 Ultra three months ago, joining a sizable group of individuals who are in awe of Samsung and Samsung phones. After some use, the back glass started to come loose. Let me first say that I have always recharged my Samsung 21 Ultra’s battery using the official Samsung charger and that the phone has been treated with the highest care. This does not explain why the glass should really be coming off so quickly.

Dust entered the phone when the back glass began to come off (likely as a result of the use of subpar glue, as in many other similar incidents).

Ideally, a trip to the Samsung Service Center would take care of the problem. The gadget was, however, ruled out of warranty by Samsung when I visited, with the glaringly evasive explanation that “the water sticker is red,” despite the sticker being entirely white (to this date).

I’ve included a photograph below that depicts the phone’s present state after the glue came undone and dust accumulated on its parts:


Samsung has a lengthy history in the electronics industry. Samsung, however, may lose a significant number of devoted customers like me due to the recent rise in concerns about quality and problems like this (the back glass on some Samsung devices comes off).

It is reasonable for the consumer to NOT anticipate something as silly as this from Samsung when it comes to a phone as pricey as the Samsung Ultra 21, or the most recent debuts. A major indicator of how Samsung has dropped its quality standards is the back glass coming off of their devices.

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