Is your PS4 controller’s red light ON? How Can It Be Fixed?

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Is your PS4 controller's red light ON? How Can It Be Fixed?

The light bar on the PS4 controller may display a variety of hues, including blue, orange, white, and others, but many people are perplexed by the red hue. Although the red light bar is not often an indicator of a malfunctioning controller, it occasionally can be. However, if your controller is stuck on a red light and isn’t connecting to your PS4, you can try some of the solutions we’ve included in this guide and hopefully one of them will solve the problem. If your controller is functioning normally but is showing a red light, it’s typically nothing to worry about.

Meanings of DS4 Controller Lightbar

Blue denotes Player 1.

Player 2 is represented by the colour red.

Gamer 3 is green.

Player4 is pink.

During gameplay, the light bar on the controller can alter in several titles, including Fallout and Witcher 3. When a player is sought by the police, the light indication in Grand Theft Auto V flashes red and blue and displays blue for Michael De Santa, green for Franklin Clinton, yellow for Trevor Philips, and green for Franklin Clinton.

Red Light Bar on PS4 Controller During Gameplay

When you play NFS as the illegal street racer, the light bar on your controller will glow red to represent your character’s health in some games. It’s nothing to worry about because some games also turn the lightbar red when you die in a Killzone.

The controller may still display a red light if you are the lone player and this might indicate that you are logged in as a different user; switching users will also alter the light. Press and hold the PS button on the controller while selecting “Power” and “Switch User,” and then pick the user you wish to play as.

Fixing a Controller Light Bar That Is Stuck on Red

You are dealing with a tiny bug or broken hardware if your DS4 controller is stuck on red and it has nothing to do with what we’ve discussed previously. We’ve included a few solutions to the problem below; be sure to read them all to identify the root of the issue

Correct the PS4 controller’s red charging light.

Unplug Doc’s Charging Cord

You should disconnect the charging dock’s cord from the main power outlet and re-plug it after 30 seconds if your controller is stuck on red and won’t charge. Try one of the solutions listed below if the controller is still flashing red after being completely charged in some circumstances.

Switch out the charging cable.

Check to see if the light bar displays a different colour by connecting a new USB charging cable. The controller is charging if it displays orange; after it is fully charged, the light bar will turn green.

Reset your PS4 controller.

Resetting the controller generally resolves all the issues because the PS4 controller has its own software. To rest the controller, follow these steps:

The reset button is located close to the L2 button on the controller’s rear.

Use a SIM card ejector pin to press the reset button.

Utilize a USB connection to connect the PS4 controller to the gaming system.

To activate it, press the PS button on the controller.

Fix the PC’s PS4 controller’s red light.

When connected to the PC, if your controller displays a red light bar, there is probably a severe latency issue. The controller will blink a red light if the latency is more than 10ms.

On your PC, you have the choice to turn off the red light alarm, but it isn’t the best course of action. Instead, address the latency problem, try a USB 2.0 port, and confirm that no other wireless signals are interfering with the connection. When playing on a PC, we advise using a wired connection if you are unable to lower the latency.

Hardware Issues Frequently Occurring That Lead to Red Light Issue

Your controller is broken if switching the cord and resetting it does not solve your problem. There are several causes that might cause a red light to appear, and we have listed the most frequent hardware issues below.

Defective Ribbon Cable

There is a ribbon cable on the PS4 controller; if it breaks, the controller won’t charge, and when the battery is too low, the lightbar will turn red. Alcohol can sometimes be used to repair problems by cleaning the ends of ribbon cables. It’s necessary to replace the ribbon cable if cleaning the ends doesn’t work.

Faulty battery

Your controller’s battery is probably worn out if it’s old, which is why it won’t retain a charge. If you know how to open a DS4 controller, you may simply change the battery for a reasonable price.

Poor Port

A malfunctioning USB charging port on the controller will behave just like a malfunctioning ribbon cable. When plugged in, it won’t charge, and the low battery light will be visible.

Can I Change the Color of the Light Bar on the PS4 Controller?

On the PS4 controller, there is no option to alter the colour of the light bar; however, you may modify the user to alter the colour. The first player is blue, the second is red, the third is green, and the fourth is pink. Without signing out of your account, you may establish several user profiles and then switch to another user.

By pressing and holding the PS button on the controller while selecting “Power” and “Switch User,” you can change the user and see what colour you receive. You may switch users several times to obtain the colour you desire.

Meaning of a console’s red indicator

Your PS4 console is overheating, as indicated by the red light. Turn off your console if you notice it until it cools down. If your console often overheats, make sure it isn’t too close to a wall and you may also mount it vertically.

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