Onn Tablet Not Turning On? Here’s How to Fix It

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Onn Tablet Not Turning On? Here's How to Fix It

You suddenly notice that your Onn tablet is not turning on as you prepare to watch your favorite content online. How would you respond? Avoid panicking; we have you covered.

We have collected these tried-and-true solutions to cure your Onn tablet won’t switch on issue because we know how painful it is to want to watch anything and suddenly not be able to turn on the tablet. Let’s get going:

Why won’t my Onn tablet turn on?

Please be aware that if your Onn tablet won’t switch on and you’re not sure why, the issue could range from a simple charging problem to a hardware one. Try every one of the solutions we’re offering below in order to comprehend the problem. 

How can I resolve the Onn tablet won’t turn on problem? 

So let’s discuss the approaches that should be used to first understand the problem before attempting to resolve1.1 it. 

1. Reset your smartphone

Resetting your device is the first thing you need to attempt if you want to fix the problem with your Onn laptop not turning on. You must adhere to a few fundamental measures that we are outlining below in order to accomplish that. However, make sure your tablet is turned off before you begin.

The power and volume buttons on your device must be pressed and held simultaneously for 10 seconds. 

Release the buttons once you notice that it is on.

Repeat the procedure if it hasn’t already turned on.

Your device has now been reset.

The entire procedure is simple and can be tried several times before producing a result. The majority of the time, it works because restarting your Onn tablet will fix any little issues you might be having.

2. Complete a power cycle

Simply put, a power cycle involves taking out and replacing the battery in your device. You must make sure that you are not charging the smartphone before beginning the process. First, take out the battery from your Onn tablet and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to drain the power.

Now switch on your device after replacing the battery. Check to see if it turns on; if not, charge the device for 15 to 20 minutes before using it. When finished, switch it on.

3. Change the battery.

It’s also possible that your tablet’s battery is the problem rather than any hardware problems. There are several pre-signs that you would notice to identify the same, and one of the most important ones is that it does not persist long.

It would frequently discharge quickly, and if that were the case, your battery could need to be replaced. Additionally, you might try putting in your charger and turning on your tablet; if it works, the battery is to blame, and you should acquire a new one as soon as possible.

4. Switch out your charger

It’s time to examine the charger after making sure your battery is functioning properly. You might not be able to charge your battery because the charger isn’t working properly even though your battery is. The connection or power brick could be the source of the issue. If you have a different charger to attempt and charge your tablet from, it would be simple to identify it.

If that doesn’t work, check to see if the pin on your charger is broken or deformed and if the cable has any tears or fractures. You can debug the charger and use it independently with another charger or cable to check if it functions to determine if the issue is with your cable or the USB port.

Note: If the issue is with the cable rather than the port, you can also try taping a piece of electrical tape around the crack to see if that solves the issue. Even while it is not a long-term fix, it can be effective while you wait to buy a new charger for yourself. 

5. Scrub the area surrounding the charging port.

Before you seek professional assistance, try cleaning the area around the charging port as it is the small area that may have become clogged with some particles and as a result, you may not be able to charge the device if the device’s battery is functioning properly and you do not notice a crack or damage in your charger either.

You might use a piece of cotton cloth and some air to blow into the charging port vacuum to clean it. 

6. Remove an application 

Okay, so up until the point when you install an application, everything went fine. Do you recall what application it was? If nothing else seems to be wrong and, after installing a programme or application, you notice that your tablet is no longer functioning, it is a warning that you need to remove that programme right away.

Yet how? You must first enable safe mode and boot your tablet in safe mode because it won’t turn on. You must press on the app you want to delete and then tap Uninstall to accomplish this.

7. Verify the model’s solution.

All of the alternatives that we have previously discussed are rather straightforward and work with practically all tablets. But if you’ve tried them all and they still don’t work, your tablet may be experiencing a model-specific problem. In that case, the first thing you should do is look up the model and manufacturer of your tablet online to see if there are any solutions available.

Regardless of the tablet’s model, some popular practises to turn it on include holding down the power button for over 20 seconds or repeatedly plugging and unplugging the cord. 

8. Inspect the area for physical damage

The physical damage on your tablet is one of the things you need to check for. The tablet’s primary components, such as the screen, charging port, or circuit board, may occasionally get damaged when placed on the floor accidently or when it is struck hard by a heavy object, preventing current from reaching the battery.

In such cases, you will need the technical assistance of experts and won’t be able to repair it until you are an expert. However, the likelihood of such a problem is considerably lower than the others because you would be aware of it if it did.

9. Speak with customer service

If you haven’t found the issue yet, you absolutely must get in touch with customer service because they will be the best qualified to advise you on this. You can do that by looking at the box or the manual, where you will discover the model name and the customer care number. From there, you can definitely call the team, inform them of the problem, and use the solutions they supply.

10. Check the warranty.

Even though it won’t turn your tablet on, it will undoubtedly be of some assistance to you. Check the warranty on your tablet to check if it is still covered; if so, you can easily request free repair or obtain a replacement for the identical device.

To figure it out, though, you must first confirm that your tablet satisfies the requirements, which requires you to read the provided terms and conditions. 


All the techniques we have discussed above have been tried, tested, and proven. Regardless of the model you’re using at the moment, you can definitely try them all. Also, let us know if anything works out for you. If you have trouble implementing any of the points, comment below, and we’ll try to offer you assistance as soon as possible. 

Why won’t my Onn tablet turn on?

Your Onn tablet might not be turning on for a variety of reasons; to learn more about these reasons, read the procedures suggested above.

How long is an Onn tablet good for?

Regardless of how you use it, your Onn tablet should last 9 hours on a single charge on average.

What are the benefits of starting in safe mode?

It is crucial to start your device in safe mode because it will prevent outside apps from functioning for that time and you will learn whether that was the problem.

How can I activate safe mode?

Before you may activate safe mode on your tablet, make sure that you-
Press the power button while maintaining pressure.
Holding it now will turn the device off.
You’ll get a notice telling you to restart in safe mode. Click “ok.”
Your device will start to reboot and enter safe mode.

How can I exit safe mode?

The procedures to take are as follows. It is not advised to utilise safe mode for too long to do the approach, so once you have attempted it, you will want to turn it off.
Press the power button while maintaining pressure.
Press the restart button now.
Turn off safe mode by tapping the button on the notification panel.
Restart your gadget once more.

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