How To Lock Screen While Watching YouTube.

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lock screen while watching Youtube


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that offers a vast array of content for users to explore. However, sometimes we may want to lock the YouTube screen to prevent accidental clicks or interruptions while enjoying a video. In this article, we will guide you through simple steps to lock your YouTube screen, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Step 1: Open YouTube: Launch your web browser and navigate to the YouTube website ( or open the YouTube app on your mobile device. Sign in to your YouTube account if necessary.

Step 2: Find the Video: Search for the video you want to watch using the search bar or browse through the recommended videos on the YouTube homepage. Once you have found the video, click or tap on it to start playback.

Step 3: Enter Full-Screen Mode: To lock the YouTube screen, you need to enter full-screen mode. Look for the full-screen icon, which is typically represented by a square or a double arrowhead pointing outward. On the YouTube website, the full-screen icon is located at the bottom-right corner of the video player. On the mobile app, you can usually find the icon at the bottom of the video or by swiping up.

Step 4: Lock the Screen: Once you are in full-screen mode, you can lock the YouTube screen to prevent accidental clicks. On a computer, move your mouse cursor away from the video player, and the YouTube controls will automatically disappear after a few seconds. This indicates that the screen is locked.

On a mobile device, you can usually lock the screen by tapping on the video itself. This action should hide the controls, leaving you with an immersive, locked screen experience.

Step 5: Unlock the Screen: To unlock the YouTube screen, move your mouse cursor or tap the screen (on mobile devices) to reveal the YouTube controls again. This will allow you to pause the video, adjust the volume, or exit full-screen mode as needed.

Locking YouTube with a browser

You can lock the screen when you open the YouTube videos on the browser on both Android and IOS devices.

How to Play YouTube Videos via Mozilla Firefox on Android?

You Can use the Screen Locking Feature on Android when using Mozilla Firefox.

When using an Android device, you should open YouTube videos through the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of utilizing the YouTube application.

make sure that open the direct URL in Mozilla Firefox, sometimes its redirect on the YouTube Application.

  • To open the menu, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • in the drop-down menu open the desktop site.
  • It is also possible to lock your phone, and the music will continue to play even if you do this. If you need to skip through the video, pause it, play it, or do anything else, you have to unlock it.

The Mozilla Firefox browser is a free application to download whenever to want to use it.

How to play YouTube Videos via Google Chrome browser on android?

Playing videos on The Google Chrome Browser is quite similar to the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

By default, Chrome is the browser that is installed on your phone, so you can watch YouTube videos on it with ease.

You should still be able to hear the audio despite locking your phone.

Due to Google’s integration, you can control the stop and play functions from your lock screen, which is an unintentional yet nice feature.

If you want to do this, you must know that your Google chrome browser is running in desktop Mode.

  • First, open your Google Chrome Browser on your Android phone and click on the three dots to open the menu that is available in the upper right corner of your main page.
  • Now the second one is from the drop-down menu select the Desktop mode.
  • A more prominent, desktop-themed website will display when you select the desktop mode. Trying this solution may help you fix the video playback issue when using Chrome in mobile mode.

The Awful thing is that you not be able to lock the screen on the playback option when you are using the google chrome browser in desktop mode.

Having the ability to lock your screen is still preferable to not having it at all.

How to Play YouTube Videos Through the Safari Browser On iOS

There is some recommendation for iPhone and an iPad user who wants to watch YouTube videos on their iOS devices without any disturbance.

Open the YouTube URL on the Safari browser and follow the steps to watch the YouTube Videos on IOS devices:

  • Click the three dots on your Safari browser’s upper right-hand corner of your main safari page.
  • Select the Desktop on the Dropdown menu.
  • You can access the required video via Safari’s web browser and then play it directly from the web page. YouTube videos should continue to play even if your iPhone or iPad is locked when you are using Safari to play them.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser should be able to perform the same task on iOS devices. You can also control the playback of the video with the free Firefox browser.

With the screen off, how do you play YouTube music?

You will still hear the audio if you touch the home button and exit out of the YouTube app. As a result, it drains a lot of battery power and raises the device’s temperature.

Here we see how to play YouTube music on Android and Apple devices when the screen is off (you cannot use YouTube Premium).

How to Play YouTube Music in the Background on Android?

YouTube allows you to watch videos instead of listening to music.

Among the world’s largest and most popular video hosting services, YouTube has no surprise.

The YouTube app on Android makes it possible to listen to YouTube music in the background. Leaving Firefox now, go to YouTube and select the video you wish to watch.

It may appear at this point that you are redirected to the mobile app; do not use it.

For opening YouTube in a browser, Go to It automatically redirects to when you open it from a mobile device (the mobile website). YouTube’s desktop site will only load if we force it to do so manually.

Form Options you must select the Desktop site. Open a YouTube video and then off your computer screen. Now you can listen to the YouTube audio even your screen is off.

If the audio has stopped, use the volume up/down buttons on your device to resume playback.

Use Brave or Dolphin and manually open from the browser for the best results. Firefox is not recommended. Depending on your smartphone model, you can listen to YouTube audio with a few of these apps.

If the audio playing is still broken, pull down the notification drawer and select play from the audio controls there. This must be visible.

Note that some browsers have a power-saving option like a Brave, you must be disabled when you want to continue listening to YouTube audio when the screen is off.

On iPhone, you can listen to YouTube music in the background

There are some difficulties with listening to YouTube music in the background on iPhone, but you can do it. For this purpose, you can use the iOS browser instead of the YouTube application. Amazingly, Safari appears to support this.

With the built-in YouTube app on an iPhone, most of the steps will be the same. Open Safari browser and play YouTube Video and open the desktop version.

With the iOS 10 or earlier operating version, the Safari browser has some issues, you can try the Opera Mini. The other steps are the same, and it works fine.

You must press the lock button once to turn on the light again. Make sure you don’t open the security on your phone. Now that the music has stopped playing, you should see the playback controls.

As soon as you press the play button, the audio starts playing. If you don’t see the music controls swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. The music widget is there if you enable it in the setting menu.

Play YouTube music in the Background with YouTube Client.

YouTube delivers one of the best APIs that is used by a wide range of applications to display its expansive video collection. One of the best app is NewPipe, which you can get on F-Droid instead of the Google Play Store.

When your screen is off. You can play YouTube music in the background. Yes, you can use the app for free, lets we talk about it here.

For the installation of these types of apps, you must allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in the setting Developer option. Now you can listen to your favorite videos on your phone.

When you start watching videos the app will take Fullscreen. For more options, press and hold the screen for a second time. Then you have to select Headphones, you are all set. Now with this app feature, you can lock your phone and play music in the background.

The application is not required headphones, but this is the option. On the lock, the screen speaker is working perfectly. Now you can also control the playback music when the screen is the lock.


Locking the YouTube screen is a straightforward process that ensures uninterrupted viewing by preventing accidental clicks and interruptions. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without any distractions. Remember, locking the screen is temporary, and you can unlock it at any time to access the controls and make adjustments. Happy watching!

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