How to Retrieve Someone’s Discord IP

How to Retrieve Someone's Discord IP

We wouldn’t advise attempting to obtain anyone’s IP from Discord or any other platform unless the account user gives you permission. In some circumstances, IP addresses are considered to be personal data, therefore it is forbidden to discover someone’s IP address and use it maliciously.

Can Discord be used to obtain someone’s IP address?

Although it is impossible to obtain someone’s IP directly through Discord, some users unfortunately try to deceive users into clicking on harmful URLs by posting them in conversation. When a person clicks on the link, it takes them to another website, which in certain situations may be legitimate. The website owner can then check the IP addresses of visitors in the visit log.
As you can see, Discord tweeted that getting a user’s IP address is not feasible. Hence, unless you want to get into problems, don’t even try.

What Is an IP Resolver for Discord? Is It Capable of Getting Someone’s IP Address?

A tool called Discord IP resolver purports to retrieve users’ IP addresses. Look at the red circle on this image to see why it doesn’t function.
Some individuals believe it is feasible to retrieve Discord IP addresses using Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer, but this is untrue, just like the phone IP resolver programmers.

How does Discord IP banning work?

You can prevent someone from accessing your server if they are acting inappropriately or breaking the platform’s terms of service.

Open Discord first.

Step 2: Enter your credentials to sign in.
Step 3: Decide which server to use, then search for the individual you wish to ban.
Step 4 will allow you to determine whether they are hosted on a text-based or VoIP channel.
Step 5: Right-click the user’s name to bring up a menu.
Step 6: After clicking ban, a pop-up will appear where you can delete the user’s remarks and specify why you’re banning them.
Step 7: Use the “Ban” button to prevent them from using your server any longer.

How Do You Respond If Someone Removes Your IP From Discord?

You can get in touch with Discord and let them know anything if someone pulls your IP using malicious links or any other methods.
Don’t worry; even if your IP is compromised, it won’t be a major concern. The public IP addresses that Internet service providers (ISPs) supply are dynamic, which means that you share your IP address with other users from time to time.

Are Hackers Protected From Discord?

Discord is much safer than it ever was, but you still need to be cautious when adding bots, don’t click on links provided by strangers, and don’t exchange personal information with them.

We have outlined the benefits of using Discord below.

Your IP is secured in Discord’s client-server architecture and cannot be accessed by third parties using any methods.
Any efforts to access your account will be blocked by the email verification process, which is required for login attempts from various IP addresses.

Authentication using two factors

The usage of two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an additional layer of protection, is prevalent across social media networks. You will require an authentication code each time you log into your account if you have enabled 2FA using Authy or Google authenticator.

Broadcaster Mode

For streamers, Discord includes a mode that conceals private information like your email and invite links. You can therefore open OBS or XSplit without any issues if this option is enabled.


Is Discord suitable for children?

A. That depends on how people use it; as was previously noted, as long as you don’t click on harmful links or give out personal information to strangers, Discord is safe from hackers. Seeing what they do on the platform is preferable.

Is Discord suitable for an eight-year-old?

A. No, according to Discord’s Terms of Service, the minimum age to join is 13.

How can I watch over my kids’ Discord?

A. You can set up parental restrictions using bark. Parents can be warned about depression, threats, aggression, and other issues by bark.

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