How To Reset Spectrum Remote Control

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How To Reset Spectrum Remote Control


The best cable TV service in the USA, Spectrum TV, provides a variety of ways for you to view your preferred live and on-demand TV shows, films, and TV series. With Spectrum, you may get the content you want through a variety of devices, including the conventional cable TV box, an app, or a website.

Despite being well-liked all around the country, several users have expressed worries about problems with the Spectrum remote. The remote’s configurable keys have been reported to malfunction, and users have experienced trouble connecting it to their TVs. The remote occasionally malfunctions despite being able to operate numerous gadgets and platforms.

This article will solve typical Spectrum remote connectivity issues and offer a step-by-step tutorial for device reset. So let’s get started right away.

When Should the Remote Be Reset?

It may be required to reset your Spectrum remote if you experience any problems operating the devices that are connected to it. However, there are several circumstances in which a remote reset is especially important. Let’s look at these instances:

You can’t change the TV channel.

Only those in close vicinity can use the remote.

The red LED continues to flash without stopping. 

The remote is functional, however the response is slow or erratic. 

When there is another electronic device nearby, the remote ceases to function.

Only certain activities, like channel-switching or volume-controlling, are available to you. 

The remote is utterly unresponsive and makes no sound. 

Resetting the Spectrum TV Remote: How Do I?

It is a good idea to reset your Spectrum TV remote if you experience any of the aforementioned problems. You will need to start over when programming your remote control to function with your cable box because doing this will reset all the programmed settings to their default values.

Although the specific methods will differ depending on the type of remote you have, resetting a Spectrum remote can be an easy process. We’ll concentrate on the most popular models and their accompanying reset procedures today.

1. Remote URC1160

The most popular remote that the company offers is the Spectrum URC1160. Follow these instructions to reset this remote:

Till the power button blinks twice, simultaneously press and hold the OK and Menu buttons for five seconds.

Using the numeric keys on your remote, dial 9-8-1.

Your remote will blink twice more on the power button once it has been reset.

Remote UR2-DTA

A straightforward remote created for use with digital adapters is the Spectrum UR2-DTA. How to reset the remote is as follows:

When the power button begins to blink twice, hold down the setup button for 3 to 5 seconds.

Using the number buttons on your remote, type 9-9-2.

The power button will blink twice more, signalling a reset of your remote.

Remote (UR5U-8780L)

Some customers still utilise the earlier Spectrum UR5U-8780L remote control. To factory reset it, follow these steps:

Hold down the Setup button while waiting for the power button to blink twice.

Using the number keys on your remote, enter 9-9-1.

Until the TV shuts off, push the Power button once, followed by the Channel Up button several times.

To secure the code, press the Setup button once more.

When your remote has been reset, the power button will blink twice.

URC2060 Wireless

An sophisticated remote with voice control features is the Spectrum URC2060. Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

Hold down the Setup button while waiting for the power button to blink twice.

Using the number buttons on your phone, dial 9-8-1.

When the power button blinks twice more, the remote has been reset to its factory default settings. 

You can reset your remote by following the instructions in this video, which are further explained:

Resetting a Spectrum remote has advantages

Many frequent problems you could experience when using your remote can be successfully fixed by resetting it. Here are a few causes for why you might want to reset your remote and some potential advantages.

1. Offers speedier troubleshooting

Resetting your remote is frequently the first step in troubleshooting if it is malfunctioning. By doing this, you can rapidly move on to other potential solutions by removing any programming or connectivity issues that may be the issue.

2. Corrects a non-responsive remote

Resetting your remote control can assist fix problems when it’s not working properly or not responding to your requests. Low battery power, bad connectivity, or firmware problems could be the blame for this. You can fix these problems by resetting the remote.

3. Gets Rid of Programming Mistakes

Resetting your remote control can help it return to its default settings if you mistakenly removed programmed settings or programmed it with wrong codes. You avoid wasting time and aggravation by not having to manually re-program the remote.


In conclusion, resetting a Spectrum remote can be quick and simple, but it’s crucial to use the right procedures for your particular remote type. You can reset your remote and put it back in default settings by following the directions given above. 

To make sure your remote is configured properly for your devices after resetting it, remember to reprogram it.

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