How can I resolve the IMS registration error?

How can I resolve the IMS registration error?

When you try to contact or text someone, does your phone read IMS Registration Not Registered?

Because your network provider is involved, fixing issues like this is more challenging, which further complicates matters. However, there are still certain approaches you may try to resolve this issue with your cell network.

the error’s root causes IMS Registration Inactive

It is incredibly aggravating to be unable to contact anyone when you see this problem. And if you’re curious about the most typical reasons why your phone claims it isn’t connected to the network::

The device may not be supported by a recent update, which might cause this kind of error. Wait for a formal repair if the fault occurs after the upgrade.

The IMEI number is another possible cause of the error message.

Your smartphone can be unable to keep an update with a provider when you switch to a new SIM card, which will lead to the problem popups.

when the firmware for your Android phone or operating system is out of date.

if the SIM card is broken or disconnected.

when there is a service interruption at your provider.

if you haven’t selected a carrier in the settings of your phone.

IMS Registration: Not Registered on Network: How to Fix

Android devices frequently have network connectivity issues since the service provider does not have a record of them. Here are a couple of solutions, though, in case the problem isn’t with the service provider registration.

Solution 1: Change the phone’s SIM card.

Select Settings from the menu bar by navigating there.

Find the Software Update screen and update it.

Restarting the phone at this stage should fix the issue.

For the most part, Samsung Galaxy phones can use this technique. Please carefully follow the instructions below, and if they don’t work the first time, try them again.

Solution 2 Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time to turn off your phone.

After the phone has been shut off, wait two minutes.

After two minutes, take out the SIM card and batteries from the phone.

Ten more times, press the Power and Home buttons.

To remove any lingering static electricity from the phone, press and hold the Power and Home buttons for one to three minutes.

After that, add the SIM card and batteries.

Activate the phone.

You’ll be requested to restart your phone if you take out and re-insert the SIM card five times with the device powered on. The fifth time, make sure the SIM card is still in the phone.

Your gadget will finally boot up without any issues.

Alternative 3

The wireless signal has been switched off, which is the major cause of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge returning the “No Service” or “Not Registered on Network” errors. Sometimes the WiFi or GPS signal will automatically switch off when there is an issue.

Take these actions:

Enter (*#*#4636#*#*) on the dial pad. NOTE: You don’t need to push the transmit button; the Service mode will be requested automatically.

Switch to service mode.

Select either “Phone information” or “Device information.”

Decide to “Run Ping test.”

The Galaxy will resume when you hit the “Turn Radio Off” button.

Select Restart if necessary.

Alternate 4

The steps are as follows:

Select GSM exclusively under Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks.

Use the back button to choose Network Operators. Following a search, a list of every Network Operator emitting GSM signals in your vicinity will be created.

You have two options: either type in the operator’s name (found on your current SIM card) or choose Automatically. You should see “Registered on Network” on your phone.

Adaptation 5

Update your APN configuration. Enter the required APN settings for your carrier by going to Wireless and Networks > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Menu, left button from the home key > New.

Enter this if you’re a T-Mobile customer:

T-Mobile A. Name

Email: You should utilize fast.tmobile if you have an LTE device.


The MMS proxy

the MMS port

Protocol for MMS: WAP 2.0

MCC: 310

MNC: 260

Type of authentication

Type of APN: OR Internet+MMS

Enter this if you are an AT&T customer:

Name: Wap.cingular AT&TAPN



[email protected] is the user name.

username: cingular1


MMSC:, MMS proxy

80 MMS port

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Type of authentication

APN type: Internet OR default, supl, or mms

APN Protocol: Keep it set to the default.

6th Alternate

Incorrect SIM card insertion might also result in Not being Registered on Network. For Samsung Galaxy phones, follow the same instructions.

Go to the Settings menu’s Mobile Network submenu.

Go to the Settings menu’s Mobile Network submenu.

Hold down the Power button and the Home key while navigating through this menu until the device turns off.

Remove the battery and hold down the Power and Home keys for 10 seconds after turning the phone off.

After that, to remove any lingering static electricity from the phone, hold down the Power and Home keys for a couple of minutes.

Put the SIM card in and the battery in now, then turn the phone on.

Never attach the rear cover again.

Three times, insert and remove the SIM card.

Restart the telephone when requested.

Your device should now successfully boot up without any issues.

Optimal 7

You can contact your network provider for assistance if, after trying each of the aforementioned fixes, your issue persists. Only if the issue stems from their end will they be able to help.

Many times, the issue originates within the company, in which case you must wait passively until the issue is resolved. Damage to SIM cards, which happens when the card is scratched while being switched between several mobile phones, is the issue that arises most frequently.

If this is the case, you’ll need to swap out your old SIM for a new one.

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