Avast Secure Browser Review (The Complete Guide)

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Avast Secure Browser Review (The Complete Guide)

Avast Secure Browser is a web browser that protects your privacy and security while you browse the internet. Users using Avast Secure Browser may browse the internet without being bothered by annoying adverts or other web attacks from malicious websites or hackers. The protection of all sensitive data from unwanted access by third parties is ensured by the use of cutting-edge security and privacy measures.

Thanks to many levels of privacy protection and integrated support for Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast Secure Browser prevents online surveillance and conceals customized browser profiles from advertisers. The additional services offered include utilizing Avast Antivirus and encrypting your financial information.

Yet, is that all? Or does the Avast Secure Browser provide more? We will give a comprehensive assessment of the browser in this post. Here is everything you should know before switching if you were thinking about using a different browser but discovered Avast Secure Browser to be a decent alternative.

Getting to know the Avast Secure Browser’s authors

Pavel Baudi and Eduard Kuera created the Avast Corporation in 1988. The company also boasts a committed leadership group that consists of some of the most well-known names in the sector. However, the company’s lengthy history of disclosing personal information to other parties has damaged its image in general.

Avast has been charged with gathering user browser history and selling them to outside buyers through its subsidiary Jumpsuit, possibly making millions of dollars by selling your private surfing information. Your browser history and Google Maps location queries can also be included in this data.

It is unexpected that a company that produces the most well-known antivirus software is ironically associated with comparable data breaches.

The crucial query is if the Avast Secure Browser’s effectiveness and present operations are impacted by the history of its founders and browser. Read on for more information.

Avast Secure Browser Add-ons or Features

The eight key add-ons or functions that come pre-installed with the Avast Secure Browser are listed below. Here is a thorough explanation of each of these extensions and how they improve the Avast Secure Browser.

Ad Blocker, first

An ad blocker, which is a need for any browser that values your privacy, is a feature that comes standard with Avast Secure Browser. Avast’s browser will get rid of intrusive pop-ups and ads, much as when you were using an ad-blocking program.

This browser’s ad blocker is a fantastic choice because it is active by default and supports third-party filters, dynamic filtering rules, custom filters, and whitelists. This implies that you may decide which advertisements to block and which websites to allow the display of advertisements on.

Avast advises balanced blocking to stop both aggressive and unobtrusive advertisements from making your browser lag. There will still be informative advertisements, though. In Strict mode, advertisements won’t show.

Anti-tracking 2.

Avast Secure Browser has an ad blocker and an anti-tracking function. Using this feature enables “Do Not Track” to be activated automatically. In other words, a request to cease tracking your online activity is sent each time you visit a website or sign in to an analytics or ad network service. This browser also aids in giving you full control over your privacy by forbidding abnormalities on the websites you visit from gathering data that can jeopardize your online security.

3. avoiding fingerprints

More websites are now using your browser fingerprint to help you stand out from the sea of Internet users. In contrast to cookies, websites track you without your awareness or consent by using the fingerprint of your browser.

Technology that prevents fingerprinting, such as Avast Secure Browser, can be useful. It forbids websites from monitoring your browser history and information about your device by default. Therefore, when it comes to building a unique profile of you, advertisers are just provided the bare minimum. It also helps to protect your personal information and restrict internet tracking.

4. Phishing defense

Internet users may become the subject of phishing attacks. Phishing happens when a cybercriminal poses as a legitimate company (like a bank) in order to get access to a victim’s personal data. This might contain everything from your username and password to the details of your payment card.

Avast Secure Browser’s anti-phishing technology protects you from unintentionally clicking links that lead to phishing websites. Every page you view is also evaluated by Avast against a comprehensive list of dangerous websites. As a consequence, websites that try to steal your data or infect your computer with malware won’t be able to access your sensitive information.

Bank Mode 5.

The Bank Mode in Avast Secure Browser is an additional privacy-enhancing function. When you are in Bank Mode, a virtual desktop that records everything you enter protects you from keylogging and other types of eavesdropping. This function is always on when you go to a website for banking or payments. You may manually activate or deactivate this option as well.

Despite the fact that Avast includes a lot of privacy protections, the Bank Mode option does not. The good news is that your browser allows you to download it for free.

6. A password supervisor

By default, Avast Secure Browser comes with a password manager. You won’t need to remember your passwords manually since Avast’s password manager will manage them all for you.

The password manager may also be used to log into your multiple accounts automatically. If you’re having difficulties thinking of a strong password, Avast’s password manager can create one for you.

7. Guard Extension

With the help of Avast’s Extension Guard, you’ll be protected from shoddy and fake extensions. Untested extensions and add-ons are immediately prohibited, whilst well-tested ones can be downloaded and installed. Additionally, it alerts you and asks you to authorize access whenever a browser extension you’re about to install requests access to your data. In circumstances like this, Avast gives you the choice to either block or install the extension.

8. Webcam Security

For the majority of us, seeing a laptop with its webcam covered is all too typical. Your laptop’s webcam is probably definitely also secure. We add this layer of security to our devices in order to prevent being the next victim of webcam hacking.

Avast has added a Webcam Guard to its browser as a result. With Webcam Guard, which provides you greater control, securing your device’s webcam is simpler. When visiting a certain website, webcam access could be permitted permanently or only momentarily. This feature prevents apps and viruses from using your camera without your authorization.

What We Think About Avast Secure Browser After Reading the Review

The Avast Secure Browser is evaluated in-depth below based on the following criteria:

Features: 1.

You may create a new group or add a tab to an existing one by right-clicking the tab and choosing “Add to Tab Group” if you have a lot of open tabs and wish to arrange them. The group should have a name and a color.

The Avast Addons store offers browser add-ons in a number of areas.

The remaining features of Avast are precisely what you would anticipate. You can change the color scheme and theme, choose how new windows open, and more with a little fiddling.

2. User Experience and Interface

Avast and Chrome have the same Chromium code, which accounts for their startling aesthetic similarities. If you’d prefer not to make Google your default search engine, you may also use Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo.

As a result, there isn’t much of a learning curve because you are already accustomed to the appearance and functionality of the browser and search engine.

You have the option to block specific adverts when browsing the web.

Avast automatically blocks advertisements, which speeds up website load times. With the AdBlocker tool, all advertisements may be hidden or only the most intrusive ones.

3. Security and Privacy

Your data is safeguarded from hackers and third-party monitoring is avoided when you surf the web with Avast. Extension Guard disables hazardous extensions, while Anti-Phishing stops malware downloads and websites. Additionally protecting your information, Avast requires sites to employ encryption.

4 Check for Hacks

You may check to see whether your email account has been hacked due to a data breach using the Hack Check function of Avast Secure Browser. By hiding your online identity, Avast’s Anti-Fingerprinting technology stops websites from identifying or following your online profile. Your email address may be checked for leakage using the Hack Check feature, just like with many other browsers.

5. The Ad Blocking Function

By clicking on the grey shield in the top-right corner of a browser window, Avast’s ad blocker may be stopped or resumed.

When you are on a website where you want to see adverts, you may temporarily disable Avast’s built-in ad blocker. By clicking the grayed-out Shield icon in the top-right corner of the browser, ad-blocking may be stopped or resumed.

The ad-blocker worked without any issues for us. Online sites loaded more quickly and were simpler to read thanks to Avast because no ads appeared as you scrolled. It was also simpler and more aesthetically attractive to read than a typical ad-filled page.

Platforms and accessibility 6.

Users of the Avast browser may benefit from its security and privacy features on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

You won’t ever lose your bookmarks or history while switching between devices thanks to browser data being synchronized across all of your devices. If you do not want your data to be synced, you do not need to enable this function; you may still use Avast on all of your devices.

7. How it compares to its rivals

You might claim that they are all about the same speed even if different browser settings may provide different results and the score disparity wasn’t great, to begin with.

The privacy settings in Avast go above and beyond those offered by competing browsers. The Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Phishing features that we previously covered serve as examples of this.

What distinguishes Avast Secure Browser from others?

Most of the time, Avast Secure Browser is faster and more private than other browsers. These two features, in our opinion, set the Avast Secure Browser apart from other browsers.

One) Excellent Privacy Protection

One of Avast Secure Browser’s unique qualities is its dedication to user privacy. For the majority of online browsers, advertising is their main revenue source. On the other side, advertisements stalk you and seriously violate your privacy.

Even among the private browser category, Avast Secure Browser stands out. Other web browsers that prioritize privacy at least block ads and tracking cookies. Avast Secure Browser also provides a tonne of other features. Additionally, it protects your online transactions, prevents malware assaults, and defends you from browser fingerprinting. When it comes to safeguarding your privacy, Avast covers all essential grounds.

2. Enhanced Performance and Speed

The speed of Avast Secure Browser is yet another important factor. Avast asserts that its browser is up to four times quicker than the competition’s in terms of speed. Customers have observed a considerable performance boost when compared to well-known browsers like Chrome and Edge, thus they have thankfully kept their word and delivered on their promise.

The ad-blocking features of the browser play a significant role in how well it performs. Browsers that don’t focus on privacy protection slam you with advertising to make money. These advertisements are not only annoying, but they also make it take longer for your content to load. Because Avast Secure Browser prevents ads and flash files, you can expect your content to load more quickly and complete more tasks with the time you save.

What is it about Avast Secure Browser that we don’t like?

There are certain drawbacks to using the Avast Secure Browser, as detailed below, even if they may always be outweighed by the benefits:

1. Extensions that have aged

Even while the pre-installed Avast Secure Browser extensions are really useful, some Avast customers might find it bothersome since they cannot remove any of them. You must uninstall any extensions you don’t wish to use in order to remove them. Instead of eliminating the grayed-out alternatives, this clogs the browser with them.

2. Lack of compatibility with different OS

The fact that Avast only provides the browser for Windows is a deal-breaker for consumers who want to sync the browser across several platforms, such as iOS, Mac, or Linux.

3. Limited capabilities

The usage of other Avast products is required for several Avast capabilities, including the VPN and bank mode. You must remove all of your current security programs in order to make the most of Avast.

Google Chrome vs. Avast Secure Browser: A Quick Comparison of the Standout Features

Given that Google Chrome and Avast Secure Browser seem quite similar, it is crucial to grasp how they differ while learning about Avast Secure Browser in-depth (and a number of features). The following criteria have been used to compare Avast and Chrome:

Features: 1.

Avast Secure Browser focuses on user security and privacy even though it and Chrome share many features. The first thing you’ll notice is the browser’s integrated adblocker. You may surf the web without interruptions and sites will load more quickly if you turn off advertising.

With a few clicks, the adblocker may be activated from the toolbar. Once enabled, it is simple to see how many advertisements were blocked on a particular website. You may stop Adblock on a particular website or on all websites with only one click.

The Adblock function is based on the highly successful uBlock. Three settings are available: Essential, Balanced, or Strict. The Strict option provides the most security, but it could prevent some websites from loading correctly.

Additionally, if you wish to see advertisements on a particular page or if Adblock interferes with the page’s display, you may add domains to the exclusion list. Thus, you can be certain that websites aren’t tracking you or attempting to obtain your login information. Additionally, the browser has an extension guard that stops you from installing dangerous add-ons.

Last but not least, a camera security feature stops websites from using your webcam. The Hack Check function in Avast Secure Browser may also check your email for online accounts that have been compromised.

By clicking on the toolbar, you may visit the Security & Privacy Center at any time. There are other options for VPN, Bank Mode, and antivirus, but using these requires extra Avast software.

Avast Secure Browser is an excellent browser all around with an unexpected ad blocker. Your online security will be improved by the adoption of additional security elements.

You may customize the address bar in Google Chrome to display information quickly. Straight from your address bar, you can check the weather, perform simple math, and convert currencies. This is a small feature that some people could find helpful.

Using Chrome and your Google account, you can sync your bookmarks, passwords, and browser history across all of your devices. When multitasking, tab grouping enables you to decrease and group open tabs for greater organization.

You may always do a quick safety check to make sure your browser isn’t hacked even if this one is fairly safe.

Chrome has a Safe Browsing feature that will protect you from malicious websites and downloads. Be aware that certain options need you to give Google access to your browsing history for analysis.

The built-in ad blocker of the browser, which is by default deactivated, blocks intrusive or misleading advertisements. However, it is tucked away beneath settings and can only be accessed by making a few clicks.

Both Chrome and Avast Secure Browser are based on the Chromium project, however, Avast provides more robust security and a simpler ad blocker.

2. Comparison of security

Avast Secure Browser provides a couple more levels of security on top of Google Chrome’s already high level of security.

The integrated Adblock is a fantastic feature since it gives you the ability to customize your settings and block even the most challenging advertisements.

Consumers are unlikely to ever discover Chrome’s basic ad-blocking capability because it is tucked away in the settings.

All security and privacy features are available in Avast Secure Browser’s toolbar, and you can turn them all on with a single click.

Because they share the same engine, both browsers are secure, but we choose Avast Secure Browser because it has more privacy settings and a reliable ad blocker.

3. Execution

In our tests, Avast Secure Browser delivered perfect results. With five open tabs and full HD video buffering, we achieved a CPU and RAM use of about 75% and 424MB, respectively, on a low-end PC.

We discovered that a home page used 160MB of RAM and around 1.5 percent of the CPU.

With five tabs open and full HD video buffering, we did the same test on Chrome and saw up to 85% CPU and 414MB RAM use.

While on the main page, Chrome used up to 100MB of RAM and hardly any CPU.

Due to the fact that both browsers utilize the same engine, we were not surprised by their similar resource usage.

Keep in mind that Avast could take a little bit more RAM than Chrome, but this isn’t a problem.

Both browsers performed well, and we’d say they’re roughly comparable in terms of performance, with Chrome occasionally needing a little less RAM.

The Bottom Line: Should You Switch to Avast Secure Browser and Is It Good?

Avast is a firm that takes security extremely seriously, and its browser is no different. Together with other Avast security solutions, both free and premium, Avast Secure Browser also provides a variety of privacy and security features. It is among the finest in terms of speed, security, and privacy.

Avast Secure Browser/Avast SafeZone Browser is a well-known competitor when it comes to safeguarding one’s privacy when using the Internet. Other browsers do not support some of Avast’s most distinguishing features, such as bank mode and anti-fingerprinting. Additionally, the possibilities of a VPN connection are amplified tenfold.

Despite all of this, Avast Secure Browser is still worth a look. Despite being faster than other browsers, it has greater privacy and security measures. Although this browser has certain shortcomings, they are outweighed by how well it safeguards your privacy. You won’t need to be concerned about protecting your sensitive information online while using Avast Secure Browser. Please let us know what you think after using this browser.

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