Alternatives to Internet Download Manager (IDM) for Mac

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Alternatives to Internet Download Manager (IDM) for Mac

Users can download files from the internet more quickly with Internet Download Manager than is possible with a standard browser. One of the greatest programs for automatic download link detection on any webpage is this one. You can download files almost five times faster with IDM than without it.
But you’re out of luck if you use a Mac. IDM is currently only accessible on Windows-based systems. Thankfully, you have a few options to choose from while downloading files from the internet.

2023’s top Mac alternatives to IDM

Download manager Ninja

The best one to start with is Ninja Download Manager. It’s one of the greatest IDM alternatives for Mac and enables quick downloads from any website. It divides the file into a few parts and then downloads them all at once using the same dynamic segmentations, making the download process 20 times faster and more dependable.

It also provides extra features including media previews, a queue management system, and renewing unsuccessful downloads. Additionally, you can remove and shred downloaded files with Ninja Download Manager if they are no longer required.


In order to achieve quicker download rates, it makes use of the same dynamic file segmentation as IDM.
While the media preview is downloading, you can see it.
You may download and handle numerous files simultaneously thanks to its multi-queue management feature.
Instead of beginning afresh, it offers the opportunity to reload any outdated download URLs.


The user interface could appear crowded and challenging to use.
It might not function on all websites.
There is no import/export download option, and media download can occasionally be sluggish.


The following one is Folx, which is the most similar to IDM in terms of features and download speeds. It offers a few extra functions in addition to almost all of those found in IDM, making it the perfect download manager for Mac users. Before spending money on the premium version, which has many more features, you may test out the free one to get a feel for the program.

Any webpage running in any web browser, such as Safari, Chrome, and Opera, is immediately detected by Folx as having downloadable material. The premium version of the program will then divide the file into 20 threads and simultaneously download each one using various connections.
It provides download speeds that are almost five times quicker. Additionally, the system continues the download from where it left off without having to start from scratch, which helps with broken or interrupted downloads.

Folx allows you to download numerous files at once and offers bandwidth control in case you need to use the internet for other purposes. You may also pause and resume downloads, as well as schedule them for later.


It is a wonderful choice for both novices and pros because it has both free and premium editions.
If you wish to download games or movies, it allows torrent downloading.
It automatically recognises downloading links on web sites.
The tag editor allows you to organise and schedule downloads.


There are not many essential features in the free edition.
It occasionally encounters bugs and technological issues.
IDM and several rivals don’t offer as fast download speeds.

Download Manager Free

Free Download Manager is the best option for you if you’re seeking for an IDM substitute that’s completely free. It may be integrated into your web browser and has functions that are very similar to those of IDM. You can download files from numerous sources at once with FDM, Free. The software constantly searches for faster resources to download, so if a server is slow, the download will instantly switch to the next source that becomes available.

The user interface of FDM is simple and intuitive. Copying the file link, dragging the torrent into FDM, or even clicking the plus symbol can all start a download. On the FDM dashboard, you can also keep an eye on the download speeds, completed downloads, and ETA. Torrent files, media files, and YouTube videos can all be downloaded from any website. Prior to the download starting, you also have the opportunity to select the video’s name, format, and quality.


clean interface with no pop-ups or advertisements
No cost to download
It has beneficial download control tools and bandwidth management features.
For torrent files, it offers single-click downloading.
There are only a few rudimentary download capabilities.
The ability to schedule downloads is absent.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager, a well-known cross-platform download accelerator, is another IDM substitute for Mac. When downloading files using several threads, it splits them into sections using the same dynamic segmentation mechanism. Additionally, XDM establishes connections to servers faster than its rivals. You consequently receive download speeds that are roughly five times faster than what your web browser can handle.

You can select whether or not to schedule any of the various download queues you create using XDM. This makes it simple to control your downloads according to priority, allowing the more crucial ones to proceed first.

However, Xtreme Download Manager lacks several essential functionality, such as auto-restart for downloads. As a result, if the download is interrupted by a bad connection, it will restart from the beginning, which occasionally requires direct intervention.
On the plus side, the software works nicely with Chrome and Safari among other online browsers. You get common features like pause and resume functionality. and download scheduling.


Even on a Mac with low specs, it runs smoothly because it is a lightweight program.
a simple to use interface.
Your downloads can be put on hold, resumed, and scheduled for later.
It is necessary to start the download process manually because it frequently fails.
Failed downloads can occasionally start over.
Some non-tech users may find the UI confusing.


The last download manager on the list is iGetter, a reputable program with a wealth of options for quick and effective downloading. Similar to IDM, it has common functionality including numerous segments, the option to pause and resume downloads, and more.

It supports smooth downloads from any webpage using a variety of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, and FTP over SSL. You can also modify the downloads in a number of ways to suit your preferences.
To make the most of the available bandwidth, you can limit download speed and set up future automatic downloads. Additionally, it can detect the state of your internet connection and connect or disengage accordingly. If you leave the download running in the background after it is complete, the computer may also turn off.

It works well with all of the popular online browsers, however some users have complained that the most recent Chrome upgrade causes problems. So remember that.


The iGetter interface is simple, compact, and simple to use.
Videos from YouTube and other websites can be downloaded.
The entire set of files on a web page can be downloaded with just two clicks.
Before the download begins, you have the ability to choose or delete the files from the list.


The download package can contain files that you don’t want.
To use the advanced capabilities, you might need to read the manual because the user interface is complicated.

Last Word

A download manager can save you a tons of time if you frequently download large amounts of stuff from the internet. It is conceivably the best download accelerator for the Windows operating system. Users of Macs can download any of the aforementioned substitutes.

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