The Printer Settings are Being Modified by Printtool

The Printer Settings are Being Modified by Printtool

Your Mac still has a printer driver that is no longer supported.

The user cannot access Your Mac may display the dialogue window for one of two reasons:

this printer because they do not have the necessary rights.

It should be as easy as removing any printers that aren’t listed in System Preferences in the case of the former. The latter problem would require a bit more work to resolve.

Printtool Is Attempting to Change the Printer Settings (FIXED)

In case you need to try the latter, here are the instructions:

Activate the Finder.

Go > Go to Folder… can be chosen from the Finder menu bar.

Follow this route: /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications

Launch the Directory Utility application.

Directory Editor is your choice.

Within the Viewing box, click Groups.

Type “print” into the Search field.

From the menu on the left, choose Print Administrator.

Click the “+” plus button to the right of GroupMembership after selecting it in the right-side pane.

Click Save after replacing the new value with the name of the user account that is causing these pop-ups.

Use the Directory Editor no more.

Re-login to this user account after logging out.

What should I do to remove the Printer PopUp message?

Deactivate the entry NetPopup by typing KHEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrintProviders. Restart Windows after that (however, stopping and restarting the print spooler will suffice). This property needs to be set up on the server that controls the print queue if the printer is located on an NT server.

The Printers Control applet can also be used to accomplish this.

Activate the Printer Control Applet (Start – Settings – Printers)

From the File menu, choose “Server Properties.”

Activate the Advanced tab.

The “Alert me when remote documents are printed” checkbox should be unchecked.

Choose the OK option.

Launch the computer again.

How Can Local Printers Be Hidden?

Click “Start” and then choose “Control Panel” from the menu to launch the Control Panel.

Go to the “Hardware and Sound” section and select the “View devices and printers” option to see your printers.

When you right-click the printer you want to hide, choose “Printer properties” from the context menu.

Click it in the Printer Properties box to see the “Security” tab.

Choose “Everyone” in the “Group or user names” section, and then click the “Remove” button.

To remove access from anyone but you, select any other users who have printer access and then click the “Remove” button.

Click the “Apply” button to apply the modified settings, and then click “OK” to exit the Printer Properties window.

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