[Solved] There Is A New Station Alert

[Solved] There Is A New Station Alert

Numerous users of Android and iPhone devices have reported hearing an unidentified male voice saying, “A new station alert has come.” These audio alarms, which frequently don’t end on their own and may come many times in quick succession, can be quite aggravating.

We have covered both the reasons why certain devices start receiving these notifications and how to stop them in this tutorial. To fully comprehend the information, be sure to read the entire article.

Why Do You Receive a Voice Notification That “A New Station Alert Has Arrived”?

Numerous forum users have said that the voice alarm is connected to malware or viruses, however we could discover no proof of it. The voice alert “A New Station Alert Has Arrived” appears to be utilised by weather, news station, and podcast applications instead. Some claim that the male voice alert might possibly result from a glitch in a third-party programme.

The situation is not entirely clear, and some of the applications that are the cause of this audio alert have a good reputation, so there is no need to panic. Instead, keep reading the article to learn how to handle the alert.

What Applications Typically Cause This Voice Notification?

TuneIn Pandora Storm Sheild iHeartRadio app devotee

KSL Weather WCAX (Weather app)

CBS7 (Weather app)

Wham (Weather app)

The “A New Station Alert Has Arrived” Alert: How to Stop It?

If you don’t have any of the aforementioned applications loaded on your smartphone, make sure to look for alternatives first. When you have identified the applications that may be to blame, go to settings > Apps > Tap on the app in question > Notifications > Turn off all notifications.

You still have alternatives, which are described in the part after you switch off notifications in this tutorial.

Boot your device in safe mode before you do anything.

Only preloaded applications like Contacts, Dialer, Settings, etc. are accessible in Safe mode. if a third-party programme is the root of the problem (which is very likely.) You can easily locate and remove it.

As soon as you release the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down button until the manufacturer’s logo of your device appears.

The “Safe mode” should now be visible in the lower-right corner of your screen. If the unpleasant voice notice doesn’t reappear after some time, the problem is most likely with a third-party software rather than your operating system or already installed apps.

Solution 1: Remove the offending application.

When you identify the applications that could be the problem, you can remove them from your device in hopes that the station warning won’t ever occur again. You may also remove any third-party software created by an unreliable developer.

Android steps

Tap Apps under Settings.

Click and then press the app you wish to delete.

In order to complete the removal, touch the Uninstall button.

Apple iOS Steps

To remove an app, touch and hold it.

Select Remove App.

Press Delete App, and then tap it again to be sure.

Option 2) Reset the device to factory settings

Make sure you backup your data before factory resetting your smartphone because it will erase all of your data, including everything from the loaded apps. Some people might not think this is a good approach, but if you are unable to identify and remove the offending app, you may finally need to perform a factory reset in order to resolve the issue. The problem should be resolved by uninstalling every third-party programme created by an unreliable developer, as we have previously indicated.

Press “Factory data reset” once.

If necessary, use the “Reset button” and input your password.

On an iOS device, hit Erase All Content and Settings after going to Settings > General > Reset. Your smartphone will prompt you to update your iCloud backup if one is configured so that you don’t lose any unsaved data.

Access Settings.

open General administration.

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