How to Resolve Android Alarm Clock Not Turning Off?

How to Resolve Android Alarm Clock Not Turning Off?

Simply said, it can be frustrating to have your sleep interrupted by an arbitrary alarm that wasn’t turned off. The causes of this might range from something as straightforward as a passing bug to something slightly more challenging to resolve, like finding the issue in the app settings.

To help you push the “off” button and return to restful slumber, we’ve listed five ways to stop your alarm clock from not going off below.

Start your phone again.

The first step you should do when experiencing a smartphone issue is to restart your device. This approach has a number of advantages.

In order for small modifications to be recovered when the program is relaunched, the temporary cache must first be cleared. Furthermore, the RAM is cleaned, which deletes any data you could have viewed while your phone was broken.

Most people find it useful, but if not, consider the following choice.

Reset the app’s preferences

If everything else fails, the last step is to reset the app settings. It won’t, however, erase any private data. However, it will reset every setting on your phone to its factory settings. If a setting has become troublesome, you should be able to return the alarm to its default state using this technique.

To start again with your app choices, navigate to Settings > System > Reset settings > Reset app preferences. On certain phones, the option could be located under Settings > Apps. Our tutorial will show you exactly where the setting is and what happens when you reset the app settings.

3. Delete Cache from the Clock App

To help, you can often erase the cache or storage data for the Clock app. If you apply this workaround, you will lose your current alarms and need to make them again in order to remove the data. Not to worry, you may record the alarms on a screenshot or in writing.

To remove the cache and data for the clock app, select Settings > Apps > Clock. As an alternative, you may access App Info by pressing and holding the Clock app on your phone’s screen for an extended length of time.

Four. Review Your Calendar      

It’s likely that if you have an alarm set in your device’s Calendar app, you won’t be able to turn it off until you expressly go there.

It’s conceivable that you set a birthday or anniversary reminder in your Calendar app, and when the reminder rings, you mistake it for an alarm. Your problem can be resolved by turning off the reminder from the Calendar app.

5. Enable Alarm Notifications

There would be no ability to switch off the alarm directly on the display screen if you unintentionally disabled the Alarm app’s “Allow Notifications” setting. Unless you are really using the alarm app, that is.

To enable alarm notifications on Android, open Settings, choose “Notifications,” “Alarm,” and “Allow Notifications.” This will enable the alarm to sound and appear on the display screen whether or not the alarm app is open.

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6. Verify the tone and volume of the alarm

On the majority of Android phones, especially those running the most recent software, the alarm volume may be adjusted separately. You won’t be able to hear the alarm sound if you unintentionally put it to mute or low volume.

Adjust the slider to make sure the alarm’s loudness isn’t too low. You may be able to hear how your alarm’s loudness changes as you drag.

You can have an alarm ringtone that is absolutely undetectable due to its extreme quietness. There’s a potential that the tone you’re using was added or obtained from the internet. You won’t be awakened by this kind of ringtone, especially if you are asleep deeply.

You may solve the problem by just switching your alarm tone to a louder one. Instead, use the system’s built-in alarm tone; these are often more reliable. Choose an alarm ringtone from the Clock app’s list of ringtones and store it for later.

7. Remove Updates from the Clock App

Users using an earlier version of Android could have this problem (though newer versions are also susceptible). This implies that upgrades to the pre-installed apps on your phone can have flaws or render them inoperable.

You must delete all of the Clock app’s updates and return the device to its factory settings in order to remove it.

Once more, you’ll need to go to Settings, scroll down until you locate the Clock app, or use the search function if one is available. The Uninstall updates option may be found on the app’s information page.

8. Stop using Flip to SHHH (only for Pixel phones)

On Google Pixel phones, the “Flip to Shhh” function turns on the do not disturb mode. Flipping your phone upside down puts it in DND mode, which finally turns off the alarm.

As an alternative, you can disable the alarm-setting function as mentioned above. To achieve this, navigate to Settings > System > Gestures > Flip to Shhh. Release it.

9. Verify DND Mode

The Do Not Disturb function might be problematic when used with other apps, such as the Clock app. The majority of individuals are unaware when it is accidentally triggered. Here are the modifications to be made if you often use this function.

When utilizing the Do not disturb (DND) option on a smartphone, disturbing other applications is a regular issue. The issue is that DND settings are frequently ignored by users. Alarms may not sound, yet the DND setting may still be to cause.

Here are some things to do in order to solve it.

Access Sound under Settings.

On certain phones, the do not disturb option is located under Settings > Notifications.

Click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen to view all exceptions or to allow exceptions. You can find the Alarm option here. Please make sure the switch next to it is turned on.

10. Verify the Sound Settings on Your Device

The alerts from the Clock app were frequently inadvertently turned off. This is because tapping on any app from the notification panel makes it simple to switch off its notifications.

You must allow the Clock app alerts in the settings. Follow these steps to do so:

Go to Settings > Apps or Apps & Notifications on your phone.

The clock may be found under All Apps. To turn it on, tap it.

Opt for Notifications. If the Show alerts toggle is currently off, switch it on.

Tap on the various Notification choices, such as Upcoming alarms, Bedtime, and so on, if it is already switched on.

Final Conclusion

We frequently take for granted the alarm feature on our phones. We have a routine of setting our alarms for 6:00 a.m. and retiring peacefully. We only come to understand its significance in our lives when it stops working.

You don’t have to be an expert in computer science to troubleshoot the Clock app on your Android phone. Knowing how to modify the settings is all you need to do to get your alarm clock operating again.

Your clock app won’t often go crazy for any important reason. The most likely cause is that you just neglected to adjust a minor setting. After exercising caution, you should be okay to proceed.

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