How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To An Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Connecting the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker in 3 Easy Steps

Today’s market is filled with excellent Bluetooth speakers that have great features.

However, compact Bluetooth systems are currently popular since most people enjoy bringing their music with them wherever they go. Regrettably, little Bluetooth devices often have relatively little bass and power.

There is one exception, though. The Wonderboom 2, which is a cut above the others, is that. Despite its diminutive size, it has a huge amount of power to create the loudest sound. These waterproof speakers are the greatest speakers on the market right now in addition to having a beautiful design.

First, turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

On your iPhone or Android smartphone, first access the settings tool from the home screen to view the Bluetooth settings window.

Next, activate your Bluetooth settings by navigating through this menu.

As an alternative, you may try going to the “Settings” menu’s “Apps” area and looking for the “Wireless and Networks” section. Find the “Bluetooth” and turn it on from here.

Step #2: Check to See That Your Wonderboom 2 Is On

Press the “Power” button on your speaker to turn it on once Bluetooth has been enabled on your device.

To guarantee a seamless connection, make sure your smartphone is in “Bluetooth Pairing” mode. The Bluetooth option is located on the speaker’s top.

A little light that is quickly flickering on the speaker will indicate that you are connecting your device for the first time. Your speaker will be indicated as being in “Pairing” mode by this.

The Bluetooth light won’t often flicker if the two devices have already been linked; instead, it will stay stable. Your speakers must be in “Pairing” mode in order to assure connection in either case.

You must switch your speaker into “Pairing” mode after putting your phone in that mode. You may do this by holding down the “Bluetooth” button for a long time. You should hear a sound after a short period of time indicating that your speaker is in “Pairing” mode.

Try pushing the button down if the sound is not audible.

Step #3: Integrate the Two Devices

Browse through the “Available Bluetooth Devices” on your iPhone or Android phone after the speaker and phone are in “Pairing” mode.

In this list, look for “Wonderboom 2” and touch it. Your device will show up as “connected” and you may connect it to the speaker after a little delay.

Once the two devices have been Bluetooth-paired, you won’t need to go through the procedure again when you turn them on. Instead, when turned on, they will instantly connect.

You will notice a very small sound coming from the speaker if your device has been properly linked and connected.

Note: Prior to pairing and connecting, make sure your Bluetooth speaker is completely charged.

How to Install Wonderboom 2 Speakers on a computer or TV

The Wonderboom 2 speaker has the drawback of being an entirely cordless gadget. This implies that Bluetooth is the only available method for tethering the speaker to your device.

Sadly, the majority of TVs lack an internal Bluetooth transmitter for communication. So, without Bluetooth, how can you connect your Wonderboom 2 speaker to your computer or television? Fortunately, we know the solution.

Using a Bluetooth adapter is Method #1.

It may initially appear difficult to connect your Wonderboom 2 speakers to your computer or television.

This is due to the fact that the majority of PCs and TVs do not enable wireless speakers. Fortunately, utilizing a device like this makes it simple to listen to all of your favorite songs directly from the big screen.

A jack connector is used by a USB Bluetooth adaptor to connect to the Bluetooth speaker. It’s possible that this connection is not wireless, like with Bluetooth. On your PC and TV, you may still listen to high-quality audio, though.

Additionally, these Bluetooth adapters are inexpensive and readily available both online and in hardware stores. This makes it simple and hassle-free to connect your PC or TV to your Wonderboom 2 speakers!

Pro tip: Make sure the model of the adapter you want to buy is compatible with your TV/PC before making your purchase. A little bit of research can go a long way, and selecting the appropriate product, may even enable you to save money.

Using a Two-Faced 3.5mm Aux Cable as Method #2

Using a two-faced 3.5mm aux cable is yet another simple method of connecting your Wonderboom 2 speakers to your computer or television.

All you have to do is plug one of its sides into your Bluetooth speaker and the other into the jack connector on your computer or television. The entire procedure will take less than 2 minutes, and it may be just what you need in these circumstances.

Additionally, you may attach additional devices to your Bluetooth speakers with this wire!

The Wonderboom 2 speakers are incredibly simple to pair with Bluetooth devices. However, by using the aforementioned two techniques, you may circumvent the speaker’s restrictions and use them with other gadgets as well.

Furthermore, you can try these techniques.

Final Thoughts

Folks, that’s all!

It could be challenging to pair your Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker for the first time. The two devices will automatically link moving forward without further manual assistance once you have successfully connected them for the first time.

So feel free to jam to your favorite music!

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