How are node modules ignored?

How are node modules ignored?

How are node modules ignored?

All of the packages needed by your JavaScript project are located in the node modules/ folder subfolder, where they may be downloaded and set up. As a result of its enormous size and the fact that you shouldn’t add code that you didn’t write to the repository, this folder is commonly rejected from a remote repository.

Instead of including the node modules/ folder, you should only include the packages that are necessary for your project and ignore the rest by adding a.gitignore file to the root of your project’s repository.

You can specify a list of patterns for files or directories that Git should not track as being a part of your project’s files or folders in a.gitignore file, which is a plain text file. It is frequently used to remove automatically created files from the directory structure of your project.

If you want to ignore the node modules folder, you simply need to give the folder name inside the node modules/ subdirectory.

GitHub’s ignore file

Git will now disregard your node modules/ folder subfolder as a result of your operation. This functions even if the same folder structure has many node modules/ directories that are contained within other subfolders.

How does vscode disregard node modules?

Step 1: Remove the vscode extension for Node modules

Chris Bibby created a wonderful little vscode module called Hidden Node Modules that accomplishes exactly what you need it to. Your javascript/nodejs projects now have a right-click context menu option to reveal or conceal the node module folder.

In vscode, select Extensions.

“Hide Node Modules” should be found.

Press the “Install” button after selecting the extension.

Go back to File Explorer and use the context menu to choose “Show/Hide Node Modules.”

Step 2:.vscode/settings.json file to hide node modules

Create a.vscode folder in the project folder.

Create the settings.json file in vscode/settings.json.

Put the file in.

If “**/node modules” is set to true, change the exclude setting to true.

Step 3: Delete the node modules file from the.code-workspace file.

The insertion of the files is the only significant difference between this process and approach 2

A workspace file for vscode contains an exclusion setting. This method is used invisibly by the Hide Node modules addon.

./myproject.code-workspace #


in “folders”


Frontend is the “way”



“settings”: {

Using “files.exclude”:

True for “**/node modules”




How can node modules be manually unhidden?

The extension takes advantage of a configuration in the VSCode settings, so if a folder or workspace in VSCode is opened without the Hide Node Modules extension but has previously been used to conceal the node modules folder, VSCode will keep it hidden. A JSON file regulates the node modules’ subdirectory’s visibility.

Unhide the node modules subdirectory as follows without using the extension:

Go to the.vscode folder and open the settings.json file.

Look for the line “**/node modules”: true in “files.exclude.”

Put “false” in place of “**/node modules.”

Save the file securely.

Now, the explorer ought to provide access to the node modules folder.

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